Thankful Thursday

Things I’m thankful for today:

-Life. Plain and simple waking up each and every day.

-One dog thats old and lays still and cuddles with Sky and one dog that is young and full of energy and runs her into the ground. It’s the perfect balance.

-Birchbox is doing a daily challenge and one of them was managing your email situation/on line time. I’m pretty good about putting the laptop away when I’m not using it, but the suggestion I got that I loved the most was silence your phone. Just silence it, then you don’t feel compelled to check it every time it makes a sound. You know what…it works! I don’t know what the heck is going on in the internet world, but I’m enjoying my days on my terms. I check my phone/emails/FB etc when I want to and have time, not when it beeps at me. I’m also continuing my unsubscribe mission with my email. Anything over 15 or 20 a day is too many!

-Hats. I just don’t feel like doing my hair right now. It’s too long and my bangs are getting stuck in my eyelashes and poking me in the eye all the time. It’s totally my fault I waited too long to get in, but I have a cut scheduled, but until then hats are my best friend!

-I don’t know why it took me/us so long to think of this, but those hanging baskets are amazing! Fruit and veggie bowels are now off the counter and wine station, and I am happy, happy, happy. Totally reminds me of my Grandma Jean, in the old red house she had a hanging basket of fruit so this made me smile. It also made me feel a bit old, but whatever works with the space we have is worth it!

-Speaking of the wine station…I’m always thankful when we have a bottle of wine to open!

-A fun new gold shimmer sweater that looks really great with my new boots! I guess I didn’t feel like smiling for this pic, but I was loving this outfit!

 -Operation add color to our home step one. I got Happy Handmade Home with tons of cute DIY ideas, and some recipes even! Armed with both A Beautiful Mess books for inspiration, and step by step directions I’ll be adding fun new elements around the house!

Ignore the crap in the background…if I had cleaned it up she would have been out of the box and the moment gone. She was trying to tip it over.

-That she’s easily entertained…Sky in a box. Anyone seen The Box Trolls? Just wait until you see the project she did with daddy the other night. She’s in a very “No pictures Mommy” stage right now, so it’s tricky. But, I’m working on the right setting and bribery method to get some great pics of their project! In the meantime watch the movie…it’s a good one!

-There was a suggestion on our team page yesterday to do Jamberry work at Starbucks, or any other public location that people tend to linger and has foot traffic. It’s good exposure and you never know when someone walking past is going to want to know about the awesomeness they see going on.

Well I wasted no time putting that suggestion to use. I was going to work all morning while Sky was at school anyway, so packed it up and took it to Starbucks. No one stopped and talked, it was actually a bunch of older men in there…I was the only female, so not great for marketing. But, it was great for getting me out of the house and not trying to multitask by doing laundry while working. I put my phone on silent, and focused on getting stuff done and following up with customers. I came up with a few new ideas as well, so it was time well spent. And, I’m excited to have an “office” to go to now! 🙂

-Blues music. I’m not feeling blue at all, but I’m sure digging The Blues right now.


What are you thankful for today?

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