Back to Regular Life

This week eases us back into our “normal” schedule with Sky going back to school, and next week we add in swimming again, which means getting up and out of the house (putting myself together) every day of the week. It actually makes Friday feel like Friday and the weekends feel like more of a weekend, and that’s kind of nice.

One of the things about being a stay at home mom is there isn’t much difference between Mon-Fri and the weekend. The days tend to be much the same with no weekend to look forward to for a break. Not complaining, because I love this life and the choice to stay home that was made, but it was one of those things I didn’t foresee and didn’t really know how to change. Being a stay at home mom doesn’t mean I don’t want my weekend (we need breaks/down time too!) and a change in pace.

Now that Sky’s in school and has weekly activities and appointments the weekends once again feel like weekends. We can lounge in pj’s or whatever. I don’t get a break from my Mommy duties, but at least it’s a change in schedule with less going on (ideally), and breaks up the sameness of the days.


Some random life stuff…

    My up and at em outfit for yesterday. Love the zipper detail on this top! 

I’m taking a phone photography class right now and am now painfully aware of the things that are wrong in most of the pics I take. But, here’s the deal with outfit photos. There are only two full length mirrors in this house and neither one is in my room/closet. So I have a choice of a messy kiddo room (which means the bed railing is always going to be running through my head…phone photo class no, no), or I use the one in Mark’s office and catch the clutter of that room in the background. Background clutter is also a no, no from the class, but you know what…this is real life and while I’m trying really hard to make sure my photos are beautiful it’s not always going to happen. So railing through the head it is. 
Yesterday was massage day and I prefer comfy outfits for massage and chiropractor days. Both appointments leave me sore and feeling worn out after. So I usually go with Athleta leggings from the City Pant collection and a shirt or sweater of some sort. I have started pairing with boots rather than running shoes though, so it looks a bit more put together for running errands before or after. I was feeling super lazy yesterday and put a hat on rather than wash and style my hair. I love hats…they hide messy dirty hair, and no make-up really well. Plus I really need a haircut…bangs are way too long and in my eyes, but a hat fixes that!
Sky was all about being a cowgirl princess with a sward yesterday. She mixed together Toy Story, Princess Sophia, and How To Train Your Dragon and was running all through the house waving her sword around like crazy. The phone photo class encourages us to practice the principles and techniques it’s teaching us, but I tell you an active 3 year old is not the best test subject. I’m also realizing that in order to have uncluttered backgrounds I would have to spend a whole lot more time picking up after, and cleaning up after dogs and kiddo. :-/ Sometimes less than perfect is worth it though to capture the moment/silliness that’s going on. 
Our little Steelers Fan! 
 We were both still dealing with a cold and not feeling great, so were happy to snuggle and watch football!
I love her Ray Mansfield Sock Monkey! Best birthday gift ever! I just realized it totally looks like sock monkey Ray is grabbing himself…one of those details I’ll have to pay attention to now that I’m taking a class and should have perfect pics from here on out. 🙂

Even though they lost their playoff game Sky still randomly marches through the house saying “Here we go Steelers, here we go”! My job here is done. 😉

I just have to get this off my chest…to the person who accused me of brainwashing my child into being a Steelers fan (complete strange felt like they could say something they should have kept to themselves) do you really think that your child is any more or less brainwashed just because they are a Hawks fan?! Just because it’s the home team that makes what you do ok, but what I do not ok? Mind you all I did was put her in a Steelers dress that SHE picked out for herself. Yes, I’m a Steelers fan and chances are Sky will be to, it’s hard not to be given a family member played for them. But, what this stranger doesn’t have a clue about is that I actually don’t care what team Sky’s a fan of, as long as she’s a FOOTBALL fan. And, don’t even get me started on the fact that there are kids in the world being brainwashed into thinking and doing horrible things to others, so really you want to accuse me of brainwashing my child?

Since the Steelers are out of it I’m looking forward to watching playoff games and SB without really caring what happens. I have preferences of course, but no emotion or stress watching the games, because my team is not involved. Now all I hope for are good, clean, close games with no controversial calls/plays. No blowouts….blowouts are boring.


Any other football fans out there? Is your team still in it?

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