In 2015 I Resolve To:

If you have been around a while you know I’m usually pretty apposed to New Year Resolutions. I feel like personal improvement should be perpetual and ever changing. If something needs to be changed or life needs a new direction is should happen no matter what time of year it is. It seems like NY resolutions almost become a joke. Everyone makes them with the knowledge they won’t stick to them. Because of that I have not participated in the making of NY resolutions.  

However, there are a few things I want to focus on and improve on, and it just so happens that finalizing my goals coincides with the New Year. Rather than be stubborn and refuse to get started on my goals based on principle I’m embracing NY Resolutions making this year!
It’s a longer list for sure, and I know too many changes at once make them hard to stick to, but some of these are every day life things that will fall into place pretty easy, and will give me a bit of focus when completing daily tasks and schedules. Others are ongoing battles that I need to redouble my effort on, and a few are bigger life plan/concept related that will be the ones I really have to work on and be diligent. 
Lets start with running. I always set a running goal for each year and this year is no different, except it is different. 
-I am not setting a running goal this year. Whatever happens happens, and whatever running my body will allow me to accomplish will be good enough. So I guess my goal is to go with the flow. My #1 priority is to continue with car accident recovery, and while I do have a few races on the schedule (and training plans to go with them) whatever I can do on each day is going to be what I can do. This year is about being thankful I can run period, and not about pace, PR’s, or anything else. Pushing when I can, and taking it easy when I can’t, and being smart enough to listen to my body so I know what each day is going to bring. 
-Adding Yoga or Pilates to the daily routine (non running days). I’ve been trying to cross train and do all sorts of 30 day challenges to keep things interesting. But, I have come to realize that squat, (and really any other leg specific challenge) are really hard on my knees. Especially the one I had surgery on. But, the challenge I stick time and time again is the pilates challenge. Every time The Balanced Life does a pilates challenge Sky and I both stick to it no problem. The key being Sky likes doing it with me and we get through a whole workout. The Balanced Life is launching a monthly subscription staring in January, and as long as the price is doable I plan on joining and getting back on the Pilates bandwagon! (I went to class 2 to 3 times a week pre Sky and loved what it did for my body!). 
The Yoga mat doing me no good hanging in the utility closet! Time to change that!

Changing my idea of what breakfast food has to be. I like how I feel when I stick to Paleo eating (not promoting any sort of diet or going 100% paleo by any means). But, that makes breakfast a bit challenging when sticking to traditional breakfast food. So, my new approach is to take the advice in Well Fed 2 and eat all sorts of food for breakfast. Today I had a fried egg on top of a pile of quinoa, with crispy prosciutto crumbled on top. Some mornings I’ll be eating left over dinner for breakfast. I’ve always been more of a savory person and function better when I’m running on protein and very few carbs. Pancakes, muffins, bagels…leave me feeling tired and hungry a hour later. I would much rather have savory, filling breakfast that will fuel me for a morning of activity. 
-Sticking with the food theme…admitting and sticking to the fact that cheese and crackers are not an acceptable lunch. Nor is it a healthy snack that is going to fuel my body the way it needs. I refuse to cut out any food entirely (unless there is a medical need like an allergy) because that is a sure set up for failure. So if a recipe calls for cheese I’ll have cheese, but it’s not a snack or meal replacement. Totally going to be the hardest resolution of all to stick to cheese is my chocolate!
 My go to snack and easy lunch. That is a really good specialty hunk of cheese so I won’t be tossing it, but once it’s gone, it’s gone!

-Adding more color to our life! Everything from clothing, to food, to home decor. It’s so easy to fall into the easy black top that goes with anything, or the bland beige room and pillows so everything matches. Eating the same foods over and over. I just need more color, spice, variety! I’ve been working on the wardrobe piece and adding quality pieces in bright colors here and there. Slowly I’m building a small wardrobe that is making it fun to get dressed every day. We have a plan for the house as well. To add an accent wall or two, some DIY projects that will spice things up, and thanks to Silas we need new window treatments (he shredded our curtains) and we are going bold and bright. I don’t even care if things match, I’m going for eclectic, inspiring, bright, fun, creating a space that we enjoy and want to be in. Food is the easy part. I love to cook and try new things, just need to remember to add in orange, red, yellow veggies to go with all the greens!

Ordering this book (it’s on sale at Amazon right now!) and taking on some of the DIY projects from their blog to help create some color in our home! Bonus, I love their blog and read it every day anyway, just need to start implementing & working with Mark on projects I need help with. P.S. I want couches like that…bright, fun, colorful!

-Making a plan for how FB fits in my life. More and more I find it irritating, and find myself being irritated by posts. Yet, I like being able to keep up with others far and wide, and I’ll be honest most breaking news I find out about on FB. I’m not willing to turn it off, but I need to do something. Maybe I limit myself to one post a day, or 30 minutes of FB time a day. Irritation aside, I have better things to spend my time on. And, while I want to know what is going on in others lives I don’t need to know every little thing that’s going on. It holds more value for me than not, especially since a lot of my Jamberry business is via FB, but I need to find some doable limits that don’t alienate me from friends, and keep me from seeing what I do want to see.
-Jamberry – This year is the year I make it happen. My goal by the end of 2015 is to have a thriving Jamberry business that is making significant monthly contributions to the family budget. This is my time to figure out if it’s a viable job option for me, and our family. Once Sky’s in kindergarten full time it’s always been the plan for me to earn a paycheck again, and I would really like Jamberry to be the way I do that. It’s a unique opportunity to try out a job for a significant amount of time and see what happens. I love the flexibility of it, and the idea of not clocking in at a traditional 9-5, so I’m giving it my all in 2015! 
-Lastly, and this is the biggest one, Adventure! Let’s be honest here we can’t afford to travel and take on some of the adventures we would like, for now…will be nice to have a second income again! But, that doesn’t mean there isn’t adventure to be had in our own back yard. Little things like exploring the international district in Seattle, visiting the Asian markets and international dining options that are within minutes of our home. Picking out a new food item that we have no idea what it is, and then figuring out what to do with it…this is how I learned about Dragon Fruit!
Sky is fascinated by maps and knows a good number of the countries on her globe. We may pick a country a month to learn about traditions, cook the foods, watch movies or specials about. Or do a qoogle search and find out what festivals/holidays are happening every month around the world and pick one a month to learn about. It’s not a solid plan, but it’s something that is important to our family. We want the world to be Sky’s home, and just because we can’t afford to travel the world right now doesn’t mean we can’t bring the world into our home. The habits and values we establish now will shape her as an adult…it’s not to early or late to start! 
On a smaller easy, every day scale. Finding adventure in the seemingly mundane. Going to the park and pretending to be a mountain climber, or pretending to be an explorer and finding “treasure” on the trails we walk. Letting Sky pick something out at the grocery store, or out of one of her cookbooks. Life is the grandest adventure of all and we have got to make the most of it no matter the scale!
“I’m a rock climber mommy”!
So there you have it. Those are my resolutions. More importantly they are our goals for the year…I talked through all of these with Mark and we are totally on the same page. It seems like a lot, but it’s really not, and it’s all stuff I’ve been thinking about for months and am ready to take on. 
What is your #1 resolution for the year?


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