Life After Heels

A few months back we went out with friends and I went ahead and wore the cute heels that I love to pieces. I figured since we’d be sitting at dinner and not walking around much I could get away with it.

Several hours of sitting later oh how wrong my thinking had been. My hips, knees, and back just will not tolerate heels any more. Since I’d rather be able to run pain free (and live life in general as pain free as possible) I gave all but one pair of heels away.

I  just had to keep these! I may only wear them once a year and may have to pack flats to change into, but I love these shoes, and they were a gift so I just have to keep them.  

After that night out I vowed to only wear flats/shoes that don’t hurt my body. Which left me with only a few choices for several months. I’m sad to admit that I wore running shoes almost all the time while searching for cute flats that would work and be fashionable. I’ve slowly been adding shoes that work for me here and there, and have been focusing on options that have a cool or unexpected color or detail to add visual interest.

It may come as a surprise to those that know me that I turned to cowboy boots to add an interesting look to my shoe wardrobe. While I grew up very much a country girl in boots I have not lived that lifestyle in a very long time. The city got into the girl for sure and I honestly don’t remember the last time I had boots on. I had to laugh when Dad was looking at my wish list and had to call and verify that boots were really what I meant to put on there.

Boots, specifically cowgirl boots, have so many color and design options, and stitching that add visual interest, and I remember that they were comfortable and long lasting. If you take care of them and treat the leather they will last forever! You may need to have them re-soled, but they won’t fall apart on you and become even more comfortable the more you wear them.

So I added a few pairs to my wish list to contemplate, and ended up with a beautiful pair for Christmas! Thank you Dad!

I love my Eight Second Angel boots (they are on sale right now)! They are the perfect color to wear with a ton of stuff in my closet, and are so comfortable! It was dry out yesterday so I ventured out in them, and felt so sassy! I’m picking up the boot care products I need today so I can get them ready for rain, because I plan on wearing them all the time! Especially now that Sky and I both have boots!

She was all about our boots and matching mommy yesterday! Honestly the best shoe option for a tot is leather boots. They are beyond cute and indestructible. Those purple boots have been in the rain, mud, snow, and been peed on several times (accidents happen) but they are holding up and still look great.

I’m just really thankful to have boots that have cool detailing and punch up my footwear options. I’m not going to lie, heels can put the perfect finishing touch on an awesome outfit, and I was sad about being limited to flats. But, these boots make it all better, and I’m building outfits around them so I can wear them all the time!

Call me a poser if you want, I won’t be roping cattle or busting broncos in them, but I am going to grocery shop, and take Sky to classes & lessons like I mean it! 🙂

A few other options I’ve added to my shoe wardrobe since getting rid of the heels…

P.S. Going totally flat can be bad as well, so I use inserts as needed/appropriate. All of these were sourced at outlets/discount stores except the green ones, those are from Target. 

There is a sexy, exciting shoe life after heels! My back, knees, and hips thank me for changing my ways.

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