Tree Gazing & Christmas Program

Sometimes you have to stop in the midst of this busy season and just be, even if only for a few minutes.

When I take the time to slow down she actually has some pretty deep little thoughts to share. I’m really going to miss the tree, and starting our day with Christmas music & talking about what’s on her mind.


Last night was Sky’s preschool Christmas program. All the kiddos were so darn cute I could hardly stand it. And, funny…really, really funny.

Sorry for the not so great pics…they are from my phone. We had the camera but the battery failed, so we were stuck with lame phone photo’s.

Anyway, this went much better than the Thanksgiving Day program. Sky was so into it and was singing and dancing in place. I think the fancy dress and shoes made all the difference! Maybe the promise of cookies after helped a bit as well.


Yesterday was the last day of school until next year. Crazy to say that! I’ve sort of been not looking forward to filling 3 weeks worth of full on Sky time. I got used to having 5 hours a week of preschool. I decided to flip my thinking around though and make it a celebration. I don’t know what all we will do during the 3 weeks, but I know I’m letting go of much of my “to get done” stuff and going to try really hard to make sure she gets the exercise and activity she needs rather than dragging her around doing what I need to do. That’s no fun for anyone!

We kicked things off with a lunch date to celebrate Winter Break. We went to my fave chips & salsa place and had a yummy lunch and then came home and played all afternoon with the dogs. Kind of the perfect afternoon for everyone. Tired kiddo and tired dogs = happy house!

So excited for next week when Mark has some time off for Winter Break fun as well!

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