Race Day Volunteering

I had so much fun over the weekend volunteering at the finish line of the Santa Runs Tacoma 5k, 10k, and 1/2!

It’s been a long time since I volunteered at a race and I totally forgot how rewarding it is. And, a good reminder what it’s like being on the other side of race day. It takes a lot of people getting up early and working hard for hours on end without a break to make sure it’s seamless for all the runners.

The finish line was on Dock St, near the water and it was the perfect Dec morning for a run! No rain, very little wind, and temps in the 60’s. Can’t ask for more than that in Dec in the PNW!

After setting up the finish line water and food table it was time to get ready to remove chips from shoes. I was there for every single runner, from the very first, to the very, very last one. So rewarding to see the pain, triumph, and joy that happens at the finish line. If I can’t run, volunteering is a great way to still feel a part of it. Plus, the race entree discount for next year is nice to have as well.

After all the lifting, moving boxes, and hunching over cutting chips off I’ve been really sore though.

The rest of the weekend was spent painting Sky’s room purple, her color of choice, and setting up her new bedroom set.

We went from pale yellow (very pretty color but terrible in that room and with Sky’s skin tone) to a very light violet color. Sky painted one wall herself, the part of it she could reach anyway. I figure no clothes was the way to go for her, easier to clean off the paint that way.

Learning the hard way this isn’t a bed she can jump on. 

Along with new paint she has a new to us loft bed, and she’s in love! She’s actually in there right now just sitting. Seriously she has hardly come out of her room since we set the bed up! Thankfully with all the shelving under the bed we now have space for all her books and arts and crafts. We need to get lighting under there for the desk to be functional, and a desk chair, but Sky’s loving it as is for now.

The best way to deal with a threenager is create a space they love so much they don’t every want to leave their room! Only sort of kidding. I love that she loves her room as much as she does. We all need our own little space to go to now and then.

Thank you to Grandpa for the early Christmas gift…she LOVES it!


 Some weekend randomness for you…

 “I’m not tired mommy”…yeah right.

 What life in our living room looks like most nights. Sky goes back and forth between Bishop and Silas.

Most exciting/girly mail day ever! Two shipments from Birchbox and one from Bareminerals. Even though it was a sick day spent taking care of Sky I found time to play with my new skincare and makeup. I looked pretty fancy for someone in sweats cleaning up vomit! 🙂

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

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