Thankful Thursday

Things I’m Thankful for today:

-That even though it’s making getting around difficult, the city is cutting back all the trees and branches that could compromise power lines in the next windstorm…which is supposed to be this afternoon through tomorrow.

-Sky can sit with her nabi for close to 2 hours in the tire store and never complain once. She was rather taken with the massive garage and had fun watching them roll tires around.

-That I took a picture of this preschool creation, because she tore it to pieces once we got home.
 Full on Christmas prep at school…she’s walking around the house singing Christmas songs. 
-Christmas music!
She still needs/wants cuddles with mommy. I will never get tired of this. Happy to put the to do list aside and cuddle.
-This hair cut is so awesome that if I wash it, and take the time to do a good blow out I can go 5 days without getting it wet or washing it again. Makes getting ready in the morning so much faster!
-While I absolutely love my Jamberry business and going to parties to share the love, I had my last party of the month last night. I did a months worth of business in the first two weeks, and now I get to sit back and fully enjoy the Holiday’s! Still some customer care/service things to take care of, but it’s all stuff I can do from home!
-I get a little time off before a busy Jan/Feb take off. I’m booked, booked, booked! 
-Two sleeping dogs and a kiddo watching a movie (don’t judge, sometimes it just needs to happen) so I can get a few things done. 
Christmas music Yes or No?
Big fat YES!
What are you thankful for today?

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