Special Date Day

Sky and I had a special date day, and it was so much fun. Another reminder that while I’m with her all day every day it’s still important to schedule special time together now and then.

Sadly this date day was a result of an open wound (she’s fine) that is preventing her from being able to swim, and she loves swimming so much, and knows the days of the week. I knew she would know something was up, so I planned a special day (different things that she loves but we don’t do every day, or even every week) that lasted all morning, and capped it off with a movie after lunch.

How she usually rides to swim class. She’s always cold, yet never covers her exposed legs.

Our first stop was Starbucks for a cake pop and chocolate milk for her and coffee for me. We never go into Starbucks, why mess with getting her in and out of the car seat if I don’t have to, but Sky likes going in so we went in, sat down and took our time. 
 I think she’s in shock I let her get a cake pop.

Cheering our coffee and chocolate milk. She’s all about the cheers!

Ever since the weather turned chilly I’ve been wearing scarfs. I love having a warm fluffy scarf wrapped around my neck. Apparently Sky likes them as well, and has been wearing a few of my shorter ones out and about herself. She keeps asking for one of her own, so we hit up Ross to see if we could score a kiddo scarf deal. 

 “BAM” I love it! She picked out the sassiest one possible of course. Best part is it was only $2 at Ross. Sky knows the Old Navy dog is right next door to Ross and wanted to pop in and say hi. Notice how fingers are in the dogs mouth…that’s what she does with real dogs as well. She’s lucky she still has all her fingers!

I saved the best stop for last. The Fairy Store! It was a bit too much I think. Sky’s eyes were huge and she kept going from item to item falling in love with each thing. These music boxes really fascinated her…I see one of these in her future. I have learned to take her places like this right before snack or lunch time. Once she says she hungry I let her know it’s time to go so we can get some food, and we avoid fits that way. She’s always happy to leave…works at the park too!

I knew we were not getting out of there without taking something home with us and Sky finally settled on a pair of purple fairy wings. It would seem that fairy wings fix everything, and make for one happy little girl!

I have to say it was really fun to be out and about with her, having fun and not worrying about laundry, or the to do list at home. Best part is she never mentioned swimming once. Score 1 for mommy!


In running news, I’ve been running. It’s going pretty good. It hurts more than it should and I can feel it more than I’d like in my back and shoulders, but at least I’m running. No pics which = no posts since I don’t like picture less posts. I’ve mostly been running in the dark and phones don’t take great dark pictures.

I am planning an end of year New Years Toast run for the run group though so will have pictures of that towards the end of the month.

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