Adding a New Family Member!

I hope everyone enjoyed the Thanksgiving weekend! I love that we get to travel, but not to far, to visit family. It feels like more of an event that way, plus we love visiting our family. It’s a nice little vacation really. Plus, Sky loves the space to run around and the chickens. She’s all about feeding them, taking care of them, and looking for eggs!

It was very exciting to wake up to snow Saturday morning! I had to snap this pic, because next time we are over there it will be planting time and this is going to look a whole lot like a vineyard! We are so excited to help my aunt and uncle make their dreams come true!

Grandpa and Sky dancing along to Frosty the Snowman

I didn’t take a ton of pics, and hardly any food pics…we all know what cooked turkey looks like! Really I was busy cooking, visiting, and having fun. Plus my phone is super hit and miss and the camera seems to be what kills it.

This trip was a little unusual in that we were actually looking forward to the end of the trip. Not that we wished our time away, or wanted it to go faster, but we were picking up something very special on the way home!

Remember all those changes I posted about a few days ago…the ones we were not ready to share yet? Well here goes!

We added a new 4 legged family member to the mix Saturday. Mark’s sister had two dogs and needed to find a new home for one of them. We already knew Silas and Bishop got along because Bishop stayed with Amy over the summer while we upgraded his kennel. So we took the plunge and decided to see how things would work with Silas.

He is a 1 year old Catahoula Leopard Cur, traditionally used to hunt wild boar, and is the Louisiana State Dog.  You can read more about them HERE. So far Silas has been a breeze. He and Bishop are getting along great, and Sky adores him. When we can’t find him all we have to do is look in her room and he’s on her bed cuddling with her. The big “thing” we need to work out is his sleeping situation. It’s very clear he doesn’t want to be too far from us, but we have never let our dogs sleep in our room. Other than that he is falling right in line with house rules and the little leash training we have done in one full day.

 Already best buddies.

Once the leash training is a bit better I’ll start training with him so he can be my buddy on the trails. I need a bit more trail running in my life, but won’t run them alone, so he is the prefect solution!

Speaking of running, that brings us to change #2. Last week was our last run with the stroller group. I knew it was coming, but was really hoping I could get through another year, until Sky was in Pre-School Wednesday mornings. But, not only was pushing the stroller becoming harder and harder on my neck and shoulders, it was not what Sky wanted to be doing.

For months she would cry and cry on the way to the store. She just didn’t want to do it any longer. “Mommy I just want to run with you, no more stroller…no stroller Mommy please”. I waited a while to make sure it wasn’t her just having fits, but once I realized she really was done with being in the stroller I made the decision to hand the group off to a few of the regular ladies that will take great care of it.

I’m going to miss them so much. I have some good friends from that group, and I loved being part of Fleet Feet and was sad to see it all end. But, when I talked to Angela about the situation she asked if I’d be willing to slide on over to the Tuesday night group and “lead” it. I won’t really be leading anything, there are some 6 minute milers in that group, but I will be able to sweep like a pro, and make sure everyone makes it back safe. Plus, Michelle will be running with the group, so we get our Sunday Mornings and Tuesday Group Runs again! It feel so good to have my running life slowly moving back towards “normal”!

So looking forward to the first Tuesday Night group run as the coordinator tomorrow night!

Having treats with the group after Wednesday’s last stroller group run for Sky and I.

Got up and ran my fave 4 mile loop Sunday morning, and it was so cold that my hair froze! Never had that happen before. Man it felt good to run though. My pace is slow, but the run seemed to go by so fast. Before I knew it I was back at home and feeling great! I really needed to see where I was at pace wise mostly so I know what I can do with the Tuesday Night group. I have to balance doing what I need to for the group and making sure I’m being smart about getting back to running post accident. 
Big change #3 is that Mark got a temporary promotion at work! It’s good that it’s temporary because it’s not a job he wants long term, but for now (until they hire a replacement) it means he’s getting to do new things, and it’s a pay increase, so yea for us!  🙂
We have a bit more up our sleeves and I’ll share as the time is right.  🙂
A picture from our trip over to E WA.  We left after Mark got off work, so it was dark, and Sky likes to read her books on the road.  Headlamp to the rescue! 
Who’s still eating leftovers? 
We are…the wild rice and mushroom stuffing just gets better and better!

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