Harvest Feast and a Hair Cut

Yesterday was sort of all about Sky. It started with a special Harvest Feast at her preschool, and she got to pick which hat she wanted to wear for singing songs, and which food item she wanted me to bring.

I found out she really wanted watermelon (which explains why she’s been talking about it for weeks), but her teachers helped her settle on muffins since watermelon is not in season right now. It also explains why when another parent asked her which snack she brought she said watermelon, as she was eating the muffin I made. Thankfully someone did bring watermelon and she was all about it!

I’m not so sure Sky is going to be the sing in front of large groups type of kiddo.

She was not thrilled about any of it really. Not even the hat that she picked out!  The Christmas program in a few weeks will be interesting.

After that and tons of cuddle time, movie, and lunch it was time to go get her hair cut. It has been ages since it’s been cut. It was growing out so nicely that we waited a while to do it again. But, because those darn curls turn into a tangled rats nest every single day I knew there were probably a ton of split ends and frizzy strands that needed to go. And, Santa pictures are right around the corner!

Sky was strangely emotional about getting her hair cut. I think she was afraid it was going to hurt, or that she’d miss her hair. I’m not sure, but once I told her we were going to see Eleanor for a hair cut she was not happy. She kept asking for cuddle time and saying she didn’t need a hair cut, and was not herself. She’s not usually a worried or stressed out child, but she was all out of sorts for most of the afternoon.  

Thank goodness Eleanor at Embellish is amazing with Sky, and it probably helps that Sky knows her from our days in Stroller Fit class together. Given how anti haircut Sky was I was rather shocked that she wanted to get her hair wet in the basin. Last time Eleanor had to spray her hair with a spray bottle. I didn’t get any during or after pics because 1. Sky needed me to held her hands during the cut, and she kept asking me “what’s happening mommy…are we done”?  2. I’m having nothing but trouble with my phone and the camera keeps giving me random fatal error messages. So when it was time to get the finished product pic my phone crapped out on me. I’m bummed because Eleanor got Sky to walk the catwalk to show off the bounce in her curls.  

Given how much I use my phone for business, photography, and blogging I need to get a new one, but dang they are expensive. What happened to the days of a free phone with a 2 year contract?! It is about time though. I do factory resets every week and restart it several times a day to keep it sort of working.

Sky must like her new cut because she came home and sat on the floor in front of her mirror staring at herself, making faces, tossing her head and smiling at herself. Again, no pics of that, dumb phone.

We wrapped up the day with corn-dogs for dinner. It’s one of her favorite things, but she doesn’t get them often. I figured she earned it though after being so brave about the haircut.


I’m going to go ahead and say Happy Thanksgiving right now, because tomorrow it’s all about family. I don’t know if I’ll have a few moments or not to do my Thankful Thursday post (seems like if ever there was a day for a Thankful Thursday post it would be tomorrow!) or not. If I get up early enough I will, but I’m not willing to take time away from family to do a blog post. And, I’m more of a write my post the day of rather then write it early and schedule it to post type of blogger. So, Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy the food, family, friends, and football! I know I will be!



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