Stuffing Time!

Since Thanksgiving is two days away, and food is on everyone’s mind I thought I would share the Stuffing recipe I use, and make every year: Wild Rice & Mushroom Stuffing. It’s GF and DF (if you use vegan butter, which I do and it still taste great)! I already made it once this year for early Thanksgiving, and am getting ready to make it again on Turkey Day!

Photo: Rachaelraymag .com
You can find the recipe on the magazine website or here: Wild Rice & Mushroom stuffing
A few tips for you: 
-Wash the leeks really well. They hold a ton of dirt and grime!
-Leave the leek greens in big pieces…it makes it easier to discard them once the rice is cooked
-I used a combo of sliced fresh cremini mushrooms and dried porcini mushrooms. The porcini mushrooms give it a richer, meatier flavor, and you can use the water you soak them in (to reconstitute them) in place of 1/2 cup of the broth. 
-For some reason I could not find currents anywhere this year, so I used dried cranberry’s instead and no one noticed, and I thought it tasted great still.
-Pay or bribe someone to zest the lemons for you! My least favorite thing to do in the kitchen.
Prep work.

It’s a really great way to assure those with food allergies/issues still have a yummy stuffing dish to eat with Mr. Turkey.  

What’s your Thanksgiving “thing” that you make every year…aside from the turkey of course! 

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