A Walk in the Park

Sometimes it’s just what you need to press the reset button. In the midst of a busy day, with a to do list longer than I care to think about the idea of walking in the rain at the park seemed like the thing to do.

Life has been busy, not overwhelming but crowded all the same, and some of the busy I like, and brought on myself. But, (there’s always a but isn’t there?) I realized as we were walking we hadn’t done this in a long time. We used to go for walks at the park all the time. We’d run, laugh, talk and just have fun together. I realized that in all the business and running her to school, swim lessons, play dates, and dragging her along to multiple (accident related) appointments a week that over time I let those things become our “quality” time together.  Conversations had in the car, going to and from. Noisy, crowded time that’s main purpose had nothing to do with Sky and I actually connecting with each other.

  Run with me mommy.

All of a sudden a weight lifted that I didn’t even know I’d been carrying. I realized that while all that other busy stuff still needs to happen and be handled that I need to schedule my Sky time first, and make everything else fit in around it. When she’s begging for attention, for me to play with her, cuddle with her, sit with her for breakfast, go for a walk at the park…I need to do it. Very few things are so important or critical that I can’t give her what she needs and thrives on. Time, time with me, one on one with my full attention.  
I guess I started to think that because she’s starting to have parts of her life that are hers, and don’t involve me, and that she’s happy to play/entertain herself for longer and longer that she’d be ok if I answered one more email, took care of one more thing on the to do list, let her watch one more cartoon/movie so I can get something else done. 
 Singing to the trees.
Today was a good reminder as to why I’m home with her in the first place.  It’s for her, not for me to do my own thing or get things done, but to be there for her and with her, and give her what she needs. Not that I haven’t been doing that, but I’ve been distracted. It’s all a balancing act, and I know all that other stuff still needs to be handled, but it can be handled after I make sure Sky and I get our time each day. Time to just be and enjoy each other (this kid is so funny and when I listen to her I learn so much and laugh!), I just have to make sure she’s the #1 thing on my schedule each day.  
“Oh mommy I love the rain on my face”

She’s such a cool little person, but sometimes the busy life and frustrations that go along with the impulsive actions of a 3 yr old make it hard to remember that. Nothing like a rainy walk at the park to bring life back into focus and remind me just how lucky I am. 
As we were walking back to the car, out of the blue, Sky says, “See Mommy, I just knew this would be a good walk”. If only she knew just how good it was!  
 She peed in the woods for the first time!  We were too far from the car to get back to the portable potty and while she was reluctant she realized she didn’t have much choice.  That’s “her” spot behind her and she asked me to take a pic while she yelled “I go potty outside”!

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