Because I’m Happy!

Oh my goodness its has been so crazy busy the last few days, good busy though.

Jamberry business is going great!!! Customer service, and sending prompt thank you’s is important to me, and responding to requests for info/samples. I have been running to the post office multiple times a day, and sending Thank You emails/cards like a mad woman. But, it’s all good. I’m busy, I’m having fun, and it’s nails. I get to have pretty nails, and help others to have them too…that is just down right fun!

Plus, it’s Holiday time, and we have fully embraced it in the Yeatman house!

Decorations are up, and the tree will be up soon.  We had a light bulb moment in regards to the tree this year and I can’t wait to make it happen.  Of course I’ll share photos once it’s all done.

Christmas music is on, and I’m loving it. I really love that it’s all 100% Sky safe and she seems to enjoy it as well.

Egg Nog has been purchased (actually the 2nd one this year) and Sky loves this one. Of course she does it’s like drinking pure caramel…it’s been a yummy addition to my coffee as well. Once this one is gone though no more. Just too much of all the good stuff and I’m not running nearly enough yet to make up for it.

Speaking of running…exciting news on that front, but it’s not time to share just yet. I am running in the morning though and that is pretty exciting…it’s been a few weeks.

We actually have lots of exciting news to share, but again just not the right time yet. But there is an air of change and excitement in the air for us right now!

I know it’s not nice to leave things hanging like that, but I blog what’s on my heart and mind (for the most part) and right now I’m just Happy, and Excited, and looking forward to the next few weeks! I’ll share as the time becomes right!  🙂


Tell me something your excited or happy about!

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