More Cowbell!!!

We received the most awesome gift box in the mail from our Cousin Mike in Mississippi!  Now I feel ready for #HA1LSTATE game day!!!

We have our very own cowbell!!!  Did you know that traditionally your cowbell is gifted to you…you don’t purchase it yourself.  I wanted a cowbell, but knew better than to purchase one myself, so this gift is extra special!

Sky has transitioned into such a big girl!  Just a few months ago I could look at pics of her, or look at her when she was sleeping, and still see a tiny bit of the baby she used to be.  But, now all I see is glimpses of the 8, 9, 10 year old she will become.

He also included the most adorable Mississippi State cheerleader outfit for Sky!  It’s really beyond cute.  She has yet to let me take a picture of her in it, but she loves it!  Saturday is the big game with Alabama, and even though we are traveling, I’m packing the outfit, and yes the cowbell (for outside use only!), and we will cheer State on from E WA!  I’ll try to get a pic of Sky’s outfit too!  
The funny thing is for just the 3 of us we are get pretty crazy and noisy during State games.  Tons of jumping around, TD dances, yelling, screaming…now we have a cowbell too?!  It’s going to be fun Saturday!  
Thank you Mike!  Your gift made all three of us very happy!   
P.S. This is why there is no cheerleader pic of Sky yet…pretty much every time I try to take a picture of her she does this.  If it’s not her idea, and she doesn’t ask me to take her picture then all I get is “No, no pictures Mommy…can you quit it now”.  So much attitude.  
HS, College, or NFL…what do you enjoy watching the most? 
That’s a hard one for me because really I just love Football!  I like HS because those are the games we can afford to go to live, but I like college because it’s so big…the stadiums and crowds, and the bands and ESPN Game Day.  But, then there is the NFL, and nothing really beats an NFL game.  I’m finding more and more though that I’m liking the full circle of watching a few specific players in college…following them through their college career, through the draft, and into the NFL.  It’s sort of fun guessing who will be a big hit right off the bat, who will sit the bench as a back up for a bit, and who will be a bust.     

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