Halloween Outtakes

I hope everyone one had a Happy Halloween!  Sky had fun once we were trick or treating, but man getting here there happy, and us not frustrated with her was challenging!

Let’s just say that she was not always a nice Princess Sophia, and has gotten very opinionated about picture taking!

“No necklace…I don’t wan’t it”.  Never mind she picked it out  herself along with the matching tiara neither of which she wore.

“No picture, no take my picture”.  Although I do love that she went with cowgirl boots rather than princess shoes.  We left that choice up to her.  🙂

I was begging her to smile…to let us get one good picture and this is the look I got.  I’m actually a bit scared of the teenage Sky in our future.  😉

Finally!!!  I have no idea what changed…oh wait I think I started telling her she had better not smile.  “Don’t you do it, don’t you dare smile”…works pretty much ever time.

Apparently all the posing for pics wore her out because she came in cranky, ticked off at us, and didn’t want to talk to us.  She plopped down on the floor and next thing you know we hear snoring. Crazy loud snoring.  Thank goodness because that quick little nap was the only thing that got us through dinner and trick or treating without incident!

She loves trick or treating.  I don’t even think she realizes she’s actually getting candy either.  She just loves running from house to house and knocking on doors.  Most of the time she just opens the door and walks in…she’s still learning how it works.  After the first few houses she started telling us to wait for her further and further away from the door, “I do it by myself, you stay right here” and she would point to the exact spot she wanted me to stand.  She kept checking to make sure I was staying in my spot too.  So much sass in such a little body.

Thankfully when we were looping back towards the car to finish a few more houses she decided she was done, and was totally ok going home and going right to bed.  The best part is…Halloween candy makes great incentives for not having any accidents!  🙂


The best part of the entire weekend for me though….

Getting up early on a Sunday morning and going for a run with Michelle!  It has been so long since I’ve been able to do that, and even though it was slow, and it felt hard, and I was more sore after a 3 miler than I should be it still felt amazing!

There are still things from the accident that hurt, and will take time to work out, but I’m able to start slowly and carefully get back to “normal” activities and see how I tolerate them.  The chiro appointment the next day was a bit more brutal than usual, but it’s worth it.

Getting a Red Cup after my run was a nice treat/way to say I’m back.  Not the runner I used to be, but I’m back and I’ll get there!  We now have a standing Sunday morning running date set…feels so good to have a standing running date again!!!

Starbucks Red Cup….too soon or bring it on?
It’s a surprisingly hot topic.  Honestly a cup is a cup, coffee taste the same regardless.  And, I like Christmas decorations better than Thanksgiving…that doesn’t mean I’m skipping over Thanksgiving in any way.

It’s sort of funny to me to see people posting pics of their red cups and complaining about them at the same time.  If it really bothers them that much stop getting Starbucks until Dec 1st (or whenever they feel it’s appropriate red cup time).  It won’t change as long as they keep making $$.  

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