Fun Fact Friday

Happy Spooky Friday!  I’m hopeful the rain tapers off before tonight!  

I guess I’m a Halloween looser because I’m not dressing up.  If there isn’t a party to go to I just don’t see the point of dressing up to clean house in, go to the Dr. and a play date in.  Now, Sky that’s a different story.  She has an awesome outfit all ready to go for the day!

More Fun Facts to share (you’d think I’d run out!):

-I have the same exact record in both Fantasy Football Leagues.  I usually bomb in one and make the playoffs in the other.

-Singers and Swing is my favorite station to listen to.  It’s different…I don’t hear the same 25 songs over and over and over, and more importantly I don’t have to worry that a song will come on that I don’t want Sky listening to.  When we are home puttering around the house this is what Sky and I listen to 95% of the time.

-We drink champagne to celebrate Football Sunday (not every Sunday though).  Truth be told we find lot’s of little reasons to celebrate with champagne.  Not that we drink it all the time, but we don’t wait for the “big” occasions either.

-I like raw food pics way better than cooked food pics.  I just like seeing how it all starts out.

-I enjoyed this way more than I should have!  Mark can’t drink beer, so this was all mine.  Currants, Raisins, and Clove make really good beer.  Here’s a tip…it comes in a pint bottle, so if you have a champagne saver cork use it on this bottle of beer and it will last two days.  It’s a sipping beer and was worth every penny I spent on it!


Do you dress up for Halloween just because it’s Halloween?  
I just need a reason.  When I worked the office always dressed up, and if there is a party to go to I’m all in.  But otherwise I don’t want to be bothered with it.

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