Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for our dog Bishop!

He has the wisest stare I’ve ever seen, and he will just sit and listen to you.

He’s an old man at 14, and starting to really show signs of his age.  While he is not sick, and is in pretty great health considering (this is not a goodbye post by any means) we can also tell that he is old, and things are harder for him.  He gets tired easy, and when he forgets he’s an old man and runs and plays too much (mostly with Sky) he is pretty gimpy the next day.

He came to use with some pretty significant fears and emotional issues.  It took a lot of love, training, and earning his trust, but he turned out to be the perfect dog for us.  And, when us became 3 of us plus him he welcomed Sky without hesitation.

When he’s isn’t on his bed he’s next to her. 

From day one wherever she is he is very close keeping an eye on her.  Let me tell you he puts up with a lot from her.  She is incapable of leaving him be.  Always hugging him, trying to ride him like a horse, chasing him, running from him with food in her hands so he will chase her…”Bishop’s playing chase me Mommy”!

When she can get him into her room he ends up under the covers, with hat’s on his head, and hiding in the closet with her, and I don’t hear a peep of protest from him.

Try as we might Sky fails to understand that he is very old for a dog his size and that some of her caveman like games are not fun for him, and may be hurting him.  While I keep a close eye on her and how she’s playing with him she has hurt him a few times.  Yet, he never snaps at her.  He’ll yelp, I’ll have a talk with Sky, but then as soon as I’m done he is right there, back by her side ready to play and go along with the whims of a 3.5 yr old.

The sound of her laughter when she’s playing with him is the best sound in the whole world.  She get’s up in the morning and first thing she does is look for Bishop, “He’s my best buddy Mommy”.

He has developed a few issues as of late that have me frustrated and keeping the carpet cleaning at the ready.  But, it’s worth it…the joy he has brought Mark and I over the years, and the squeals of laughter and joy from Sky when they are playing together make it all worth it.

What are you thankful for today?

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