Little Moments

One of the things I have come to appreciate about being a parent is the little moments that may only last a few seconds.  Often times they mean so much more than the big grand moments/milestones.   I’m pretty sure when the time comes and I look back over the years it’s going to be the little meaningful moments that give me comfort and bring a smile to my face!  

It’s not always easy to get pictures of the little moments, mostly because I try to be present in them and etch them into my mind and heart, and lets face it…with a 3 yr old they don’t last long enough to get the pic.  
But, here are a few I got over the weekend. 
 I love how she looks at him!  Impromptu dance parties are the best.
 She just can’t help herself.  If Bishop is in the house she has to be touching him, hugging him, watching movies with him.  They are best buddies!

She is always fixing things with her tools.  “Don’t worry Mommy, I’ll fix it”!

 I love that he does this for her, just love it! 

Thank you for the book Dad!  

There are a lot of things I don’t post on the blog, and a lot of pictures I don’t get to take.  I have wanted this book for a long time to capture those things…the little moments that all to easily slip away and are forgotten.  It helps settle my mind and heart, and focus on who and what is important to me.  
Enjoy the little moments that happen between the big moments!  

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