Fun Fact Friday!

Back at you this Friday with some more fun facts…because I just feel the need to share my oddness with everyone.  🙂

Fun Fact #1 – Slippers with sequins are the best!  Why you ask?  Well, my feet tend to be itchy a lot of the time (runner problems…even though I’m not running right now) and it’s super easy/handy to scratch the itchy parts with the sharp edges of the sequins from the opposite slipper.  Never mind that I abraded the top of my foot doing this the other night!

Fun Fact #2 – It takes me about 1.5 hours to menu plan every two weeks, and it takes about 3 to 4 cookbooks (including my very own cookbook that contains all our family faves) to come up with 10 to 14 meals.  I usually leave a few nights cooking free so we can reheat all the random leftovers and eat them.

3 cookbooks, several recipes from magazines, a few from Pinterest, and some good old standby’s from my personal cookbook.  1 full day of grocery shopping/food prep and we are good to go for several weeks!

Fun Fact #3 – I’m strangely fascinated by everything in this magazine!  I mean if it works it works! 
I do believe it’s required to order out of this magazine once you qualify for AARP.  I may get a head start though.  😉

Fun Fact #4 – We broke down and turned the heat on today.  I really thought we could hold out until Nov 1st, but the rain, wind, and chilly air finally moved in to the PNW.  
Fun Fact #5 – Egg Nog is in the house!  I’m the only one who drinks it so it’s just a small container, but it means I can start enjoying the Holiday Season!  
What’s a fun (or strange) fact about you?

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