Tractors and Trucks Oh My!

I love living close to a huge park with miles of walking, running, and biking trails, a nice big playground, picnic facilities, sports fields, and a lot of free community events!  When our yard is just too small to contain Sky it’s a quick trip to the park for a good energy burn.

Last weekend the city put together a Truck n Tractor event that basically put all the big, cool, exciting trucks and tractors on display for people to climb in/on/through, and lots of horn honking!

The timing worked out perfect because Mark had a big project at work Saturday (he never has to work weekends so we didn’t mind) but it worked out that he went in super early, was home in time to go to the truck/tractor event for a few hours, and then head back to work in the evening.  Sky was super happy Daddy was there to have fun with her!

I was kinda surprised at how much I learned about the different vehicles and how they operate.  The SWAT and Crisis Negotiation vehicles were particularly interesting and cool to see in real life vs what you see on TV!

  Those two…I just can’t stand it!

Sky still had some energy to burn so we headed to the playground for some climbing.  She is not scared of heights in the least!
She actually asked me to catch her so she could jump off, and as much as I wanted to say yes I didn’t trust myself to actually be able to catch her.  We will save that little dare devil act for when Daddy is there!  
I’m really thankful now that Mark had a break in the day so we could enjoy some family time at the park, because it looks like the rain has moved in and who knows when spending a few dry/comfortable hours at the park will happen again. 
Anyone ever done a ride along with the police, sheriff or fire department?
I have with the fire department and it was fascinating.  Do it if you haven’t!    

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