Swim Lessons!

Yesterday was Sky’s first swim lesson!  I am loving all the firsts in her life right now even though they mean she is growing up.  

It was pretty clear Sky was the only one who hasn’t had lessons before.  The other kiddos (there is one more little girl but she’s not in the pics) were much more comfortable right off the bat.  It took Sky until the end of class to start feeling it.  I’m confident by the end of 6 weeks she’ll be doing great though!  I’m super thankful Reagan is in the same class, it gave Sky someone to look to and follow along!

I love the smile on Reagan’s face!  She looks like she’s having so much fun!

It is so fascinating to watch her interact with a teacher and other kids her age.  I was worried she would fall back on Mommy being there, but once the teacher showed up I didn’t even exist and I love that actually.  I want her to know I’m a safety net for her but not need me as her safety net unless it’s a true need.  
She can’t wait to go back tomorrow! 
P.S. Dad is here!  Had one treatment and already feeling so much better.  Two more to go and then I get to start running again!  Carefully, slowly, and easily but still it’s better than nothing!   

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