Thankful Thursday

My favorite post every week, and I’ve missed it a few times the last few month(s)…but not today!  

Things I’m Thankful For Today; 
-Pre School – and the time it gives me to get stuff done!  I know I say this over and over but I had no idea how much I was doing/getting done, and it feels good to be productive!  
-My Jamberry business!  It’s doing exactly what I hoped it would, and now I’m starting to see a way to make it even more than I thought it could be.  I had no idea how much I missed having a non-mommy side of life.  It feels good to know I haven’t lost my ability to learn, grow, earn some $$, and work with an amazing team/group of people. 
-Sky’s feeling better today!  Yesterday was no fun with her being sick all day.  Seems to have just been a 24hr tummy bug. 
-It’s sunny today, beautiful out, and not too cool.  Another afternoon in the sun at the park.  Gotta get our vitamin D while we can! 
-Another awesome Birchbox full of samples I love!
-That Bishop (our dog) is so very tolerant…Sky pushes his limits I’m sure.
-That I will soon (ish) be growing my own herbs!  I’m so excited!  I go through a silly amount of fresh herbs every week and it will be so nice to just step outside and clip what I need for dinner every day! 
 -That drumming on a garbage can is highly entertaining and keeps her busy for ages!  Which means I should probably do something more productive than blogging while she is content on her own!  
-That Thursday is a Football Night!  
What are you thankful for today?

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