Sky’s First Field Trip!!!

I missed my usual Thankful Thursday post yesterday because I was enjoying Sky’s first field trip with her, and the morning of fun meant we had all the not fun stuff to do (grocery shopping etc) the rest of the day.  It was none stop all day long I tell ya!

There are a ton of things I’m thankful for, but fore now I’m the most thankful that I get to see my Dad in a little over a week, and we are going to get this girl back to running!!!!  My hip always feels so much batter after he works on it!

Enough about that and onto field trip fun!  Each kid was required to have an adult transport them and attend with them, and I’m so glad we were included because I had a blast.  A bunch of 3 year old’s running around a pumpkin patch/farm is just really too much cuteness to handle!

A big Thank You to the school and Schilter Family Farm for making sure we had a great time!

Sky was initially pretty upset she was not going to her classroom…she was not feeling the pumpkin patch at all! 

I was amazed they all stood there for as long as they did…I mean it took a while for every parent to get the picture they wanted!

 Finally found the right one!  It took her a long time. 

 I really think we may end up with a cow living in our yard.

 I am not even kidding she examined every pumpkin you see in the pic and discarded every single one.  She was getting frustrated, and kept saying “it’s just not right”.  Girl knows what she wants!
 Ask her what her favorite part was and she will tell you it’s the tractor…she loved it!
Hay maze.  Blurry pic…it was dark!

We had so much fun, and so many things make so much more sense now.  I got to see first hand some of the songs and tricks used to keep the kiddos on track and now some of Sky’s phrases and habits totally click.  It was so much fun and I’m thankful I got to be part of it!  
Now it’s on to the weekend!  Sky has a sleep over tonight which means Mark and I get to go out, like adults!  
I’m so excited!  
Have a great weekend!

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