Nothing But Blue Sky’s

Seriously I have no idea what is going on with the weather around here, but I’m loving it.  75 yesterday…in October…in the PNW…crazy awesome is what it is!

We had a play date with Reagan yesterday and Jodi actually had to put the sun umbrella up because we were overdressed and got too hot sitting in the sun while the girls played.

I love that I can open all the doors to the house still and let Sky and Bishop run in and out while I’m cooking, doing laundry etc.  As long as I can hear her outside then I can get a few things done while she’s playing.  Bonus…I love a freshly aired out house.  Soon it will be too cold and rainy to open everything up so am taking full advantage of this glorious extended summer we’re having!

 Sharing a snack together…I love how kiddos will just plop down wherever they want!
 Scooter time!

Blue, blue sky’s…loving it!  
I wonder what they were saying to each other.  I could hear them, but couldn’t understand what they were saying. 

Even if we were having typical PNW Fall weather I would still love living here.  When I see that CA is having a triple digit heat wave in Oct…just makes me thankful I’m here.  I love the sunny days but not the blazing heat!
Favorite Season?  
Is it Fall in your area, or is summer still hanging on?

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