Run Tracking – Maybe I Shouldn’t While Injured

Happy Monday!  It’s another beautiful sunny day in the PNW, and Sky and I are loving it!  The morning’s and evening are a bit chilly since Fall is in the air, so I’m spending the morning getting caught up on emails and business until it warms up enough to play outside with Sky.  

Part of that business was updating my running spreadsheet.  And…now I’m totally bummed out.  I feel like I’ve done a good job letting my body rest and recover, but seeing 3 to 5 miles a week for two months straight does not make me happy, not even a little bit.  
I feel like I’m stuck right now.  I’m feeling better, a lot better, but not 100% back to normal.  My current care plan is keeping me from sliding backwards, but I also feel like it’s gotten me as far as it’s going to.  I don’t know if more time off will help, or if going ahead and slowly adding miles/days running will set me back.  
I’m really not color blind!  I felt the need to be bright for last weeks stroller group run.  Really I just wanted my compression tights to help the hip/TFL situation I have going on.  The extra support makes a big difference.
I just don’t know!  I think I’m going to start adding in one or two, slow, flat 3 milers a week and see what happens.  I really miss running, and I’m really missing running in the amazing sunny Fall weather we are having.  Slow easy miles are the perfect opportunity to focus on form, breathing, foot landing etc, and getting all of that nailed down will help my body! 
With all the down time from running I sure have been enjoying spending that time playing with Sky, drinking wine, and finding little adventures on the weekends!  
This last weekend was the Apple Squeeze in Steilacoom.  The last several years we have been camping and missed it, but this year we were home and could enjoy it!  
There was tons of fun kiddo stuff for Sky, and while you can indeed squeeze your own apple cider we opted to skip that long line (we would not use a gallon of apple cider anyway) and Sky and I enjoyed apple fritters and cold cider instead.  

She’s telling me she wants to throw the ball.

After that it was time to kick back and enjoy some football!  While Sky likes it in small dosses she gets a bit bored with it, and ends up asking if she can watch movies on her Nabi.  She has a pretty nice little set up!  
Backing up to Saturday we were north of Seattle all day and ended up on a funny little back road on the way home.  We didn’t mean to take the “long” way home, but it was such a pretty drive we didn’t mind…and we saw hot air balloons in the field right next to the road!  
Not something you see every day!  I am fascinated by them yet terrified of them at the same time!  I mean how do they steer them in the right direction?! 
We closed out the drive home with views of a truly amazing sunset.  It’s hard to get good phone pics of sunsets, let alone when shooting through the windshield…just imagine how much more vibrant and beautiful it was in person! 
Anyone been in a hot air balloon?  Scary or cool?  

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