Thankful Thursday

Things I’m Thankful For Today:

-We have a new freezer in the garage (I’m too lazy to go take a pic of it), but I had fun trying to fill it up today!  I have wanted freezer space for years to take advantage of sales/purchase organic meat in bulk etc.  I put about 20 lbs of stuff in there today!

-Kid free time in the car today so I could jam to the new Maroon 5 album!  Most of the songs are ok for Sky, but some aren’t and I like it turned up!

-That Sky loves her piggy bank that Grandma Jackie painted for her.  I love that she has some special hand made items/meaningful gifts that have been given to her from the people that love her to pieces. As an adult I treasure the special mementos and gifts I have from my Grandparents and I love that Sky will have that experience as well.  (Provided the piggy bank survives…she was carrying it around like a favorite toy and I finally had to rescue it to a higher shelf). She is always asking if I have coins for her piggy bank!

-For how much faster grocery shopping is solo…in and out of Costco in under 20 min!!!  I get so much done in 2.5 hours!

-That I found this new water bottle for $6 today!  My old one got tossed when I started loosing it at mile 10 during Tacoma Narrows Half.  It started feeling too heavy and irritating.  I wasn’t planning on replacing it until training for SB Half starts next year.  But, Michelle is running a half Sunday and I’m  meeting her around the 6 or 7 mile point to keep her company until the end. (She’s been dealing with some back issues and unable to train normally, and is going into this feeling not as ready as she’d like, sometimes a distraction is helpful).  Since I have not paid for the race I will not make use of the aid stations, and it’s going to be warm.  So I needed a water bottle. Score!

P.S. I don’t normally support banditing races, but I also know how hard a half can be, particularly when you don’t feel 100% ready for it, and are in pain.  So I’m making an exception for this one.  I won’t use the aid stations nor will I cross the finish line.

-For a busy yet happy life with my munchkin and my man!

What are you thankful for today?        

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