First Run of Fall!

I just had to do it!  I had to get out there and enjoy the first full day of Fall with a run!  It was perfect weather, cool, but not cold and even got a bit of drizzle at the end to help cool off.  The only downer…my back is not super happy with me.  But it was worth it…I loved every second of it and smiled at every single person I passed, I was just so happy!  I’m beginning to think Oct will be a no running month.  I’m not totally willing to give in yet, but it’s looking like a break may be in order. Boo!

We spent the weekend making the most of the last few days of Summer!  We have had some beautiful weather for sure, and finished a big project!

 Chamber Bay Golf Course, always a pretty place to walk!
 Mark and Sky watching football together. She is all about the cuddles. 
 The weather was so nice Sunday we opened the door to the deck and watched football through the door, lounging in the sun.  Perfect if you ask me! 
 Another pic from Chambers Bay.  Sky rode her bike/walked for well over a mile, and was beat the rest of the day. 
 Saturday Sky and mark finished our new outdoor wine patio!  There are still some decorative things we are going to add, but the biggest, hardest part of the project is done and ready for us to enjoy some not too cool sunny fall days with some good wine and a toasty fire!  I’m working on a before/after post with step by step pics/directions.
 I had a Jamberry party Saturday so Sky stepped up and helped Mark with the gravel.  She is an awesome little worker!
 This is how Sky kills time while I’m getting adjusted at the chiro.  She likes a good workout!

My phone just could not handle the motion of the swing, but I just had to post because I love how much she loves swinging with Daddy!

How did you welcome in Fall today?

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