Thankful Thursday

Things I’m Thankful For Today:

-That if I have to be sick with a cold that I at least get to stay home and not do much today.  Thank goodness Sky is happy to cuddle and watch movies…that’s about all I have in me today.  (Sorry for the unedited less than pretty pics…just don’t feel good enough to care).

-It’s Thursday Night Football!

-Solo grocery shopping!  Preschool for the win!  Cash n Carry is my home chef’s shopping dream and now that I have Sky free time I can shop there to my hearts content!

-White wine on sunny days…and we are having some abnormally sunny days for almost fall in the PNW!

-That this didn’t end with her falling off backwards and hurting herself!

-That Sky likes working out with us…starting the good habits early!

-That I have my car back and keeping my fingers crossed that it will run for a while longer now.

-How much Sky loves school.  She gets up every morning talking about going to school and gets so upset when I tell her it’s not a school day.

-For how much I can get done in 2.5 hours while Sky’s at school.

-That it’s just a cold…lot’s of people out there are dealing with much worse health issues than a cold.


What are you thankful for?  

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