First Day of School!!!

Today was the big day!  Sky had her first day of preschool, and it was all very exciting!  She was so ready, and so excited.  It’s all she’s talked about for months, and we were just so dang excited for her and her new adventure!

I’m pretty proud of her for walking in, waving goodbye, and rushing off to play with new friends. Part of being a parent is getting your kiddo’s ready to live their own life, and Sky is getting to do that. Granted it’s in small blocks of time twice a week, but she now has a part of her life that is all hers.

She must like it, because while she hugged me when I came to pick her up she also asked if I could leave her there.  She wasn’t ready to go.

I love her independent spirit so much!

 I’m going to school!!!  

 She couldn’t get inside fast enough! 

Mrs. Lisa in the pink and Mrs. Michelle in red in the background.  She hit the classroom and had no more time for us.

First work of art from her first day!  While we will not be holding on to everything she creates at school this one is special!

I know it’s mostly her personality, but as a stay at home mom to an only child I set out from day one to make sure she wasn’t a velcro child, and that she was ok being left places without us for periods of time.  I’m so proud of her and how well today went.  No tears from anyone…we were all just really excited for this stage of her life!  

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