Last Day Of Vacation

I can’t believe our time in Whistler is almost over.  It has gone so fast!  It’s an early start it the morning to make it to the boarder before the back up is hours long.  

A look at what we’ve been up to the last few days…

 We explored some fire roads and found a well decorated abandon mine.

 This mountain lake was just behind the mine.  

 A waterfall we found. 

 I love the views of the mountain peaks.  It’s so easy to just lay out a blanket and lounge at the park enjoying the view. 

 We have had some seriously amazing food!  Lamb Confit slinders = amazing! 

I am not a chocolate lover, and actually pass it up 9 times out of 10, but Canada has the best chocolate ever!  It’s the one time I splurge and pretty much make myself chocolate sick!

 Laying on a blanket in the park, reading in the sun while Sky played…can’t beat the view!
 Traditional margarita left and Cilantro margarita right.

Mango margarita left and Cucumber margarita right.

I’m not going to lie the two pictures above may be my favorite pics from the whole trip!  I love margarita’s and I love chips and salsa…really I just love Mexican food in any form and margaritas. We decided to hold off on anniversary dinner until we were in Whistler, and while there are many, many amazing culinary adventures to be had in Whistler we opted for traditional Mexican food and hand made specialty margaritas.  Cucumber and Cilantro margaritas for the win!!!  I am going to figure out how to make that cilantro margarita…it was amazing!  
Back to real life tomorrow, but for now we get to enjoy one more mountain sunset!
P.S. – that second run that was supposed to happen…it didn’t, and I don’t really care.  I was having fun, so it was worth it!  

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