Travel Fitness – How To Stay Active on Vaca!

Since I’m currently on vacation it seemed like a good time to talk about staying active/fit on vacation!  

Let me be up front right off the bat…I’m pretty bad about vacation workouts, and when I say workouts I really mean running, since that’s my primary workout activity.  Honestly, I’ve been lucky that most of my vacations have lined up with needed down time between training cycles/races, so the break has been welcome!  
Having said that though when I have traveled during a training cycle I get the run done!   
A few tips:
-Do your homework on your destination!  I’m a runner, so I like to find out if there is a local Fleet Feet store, or other running store, and then find out if they have group runs.  I also take the time to find out where the runner friendly paths, trails, streets are in relation to our lodging.  You would be surprised what you find!  
For example, did you know Vegas has some pretty awesome workout/running options?!  It’s not a place I associate with working out/staying active, but check this out: Run, hike and exercise in Vegas it sort of makes me want to go!  
-Pack your running/workout gear!  If you don’t have it you can’t use it!
  My running bag for Whistler.

-Figure out the best time to get the workout/run in.  For me vacation is family time first…period.  So, I don’t run if it doesn’t work for the hubby and the tot.  I also would not plan on running the morning after a late night out, a big dinner, or lot’s of wine/drink.  This trip I coordinated with the hubby and worked my first run in around the family time we had scheduled. 
-Lay your stuff out so you can see it!  Do you have any idea how many times I have packed my running stuff on vacation and never went for a run?!  If I can’t see it I don’t think about it, and won’t do it.    
 Gear out and ready to run!

Allow yourself a vacation style workout/run!  My 4 miler earlier in the week was slow…I like to call it vacation pace.  I got the run in, but I didn’t kill myself doing it.  I still want to enjoying hiking and playing with the family!  
-Breaks are good for the body.  So if you need a break from the usual grind try a challenge of some sort.  When we went to Houston I did a pilates challenge that required 8-10 minutes of pilates a day.  Super easy to get done first thing in the am, or when Sky was napping, didn’t require me to pack anything extra gear wise, and I could do it right in the hotel room.  Other challenges that wouldn’t require any special workout clothing/gear would be planks/push ups/sit ups/squats/yoga/stretching. You get the idea.  You can find tons of these online and download to your phone or laptop to take with you.
-Plan it early in the week and early in the day to assure it gets done!  
Run done and feeling great!

-Get out there and get it done!  But, if you don’t it’s ok…it is vacation after all!  

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