Enjoying Whistler!

Just a quick, mostly picture post of our time in Whistler so far.  Even though the weather has been chilly and raining on and off we are still having fun.  It’s nice to be away and relax!  Plus, the weather starts getting progressively nicer and nicer the rest of the trip…and I get to run tomorrow!  The trail system here is amazing and I can’t wait to get out there and log some solo miles!

I didn’t take much time to edit these/make them look fancy…I’m too busy drinking wine and reading a good book!

 Just having fun in Whistler!

 While Mark and Sky enjoyed the hot tub (temp turned way down for her) I enjoyed this!

 She loves spending time with Daddy, and she loves thinking this is her own personal pool.  She also thinks Elsa lives on the mountain (Blackcomb) we can see from the deck, and she spends most of her time yelling for her to come back and telling Elsa it will be ok.  

 After all the play time (pictured below) she was wore out!

 She may have had more fun pushing him on the spinning disk thing than being pushed on it herself.

 The view of Blackcomb from one of the decks.

 A bit out of order…she is an awesome road tripper, but when she’s done she is done!

 Climbing, climbing, climbing!

How she spent most of the 5+ hour drive, before the blanket went over her head.  She can’t read, but man she has a wicked good memory.  She can repeat the stories almost word for word.

I had a request/suggestion for a “How To Stay Active/Work Out” on vacation/while traveling post months ago, but life happened and things got busy.  So, since I’m on vacation I’m planning on doing that post (finally) while we are here in Whistler.  
So my question for you is…
-Do you exercise/stay active on vacation?

-Any tips for those that want to stay active while traveling or vacationing? 

I have my own list of tips etc, but wanted to gather more!  

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