Running Goals – I’m Done For the Year

The good news is I ran this week, and I felt pretty great!  It was hot, 5:30 pm on an 80+ day = not great, but it’s what worked for the family.  The heat I tell you it’s just not good for me.  Only did two miles, and kept a nice easy pace, and still started feeling sick. Safe to say I won’t be moving to the south ever!

But, I was happy to find that my legs and back felt really great, which was a bit of a surprise given I haven’t run in 3 weeks.  I’m doing 4 miles this morning, much cooler, and keeping it nice and easy still.

My goal this year was to PR all my distances (1/2 marathon, 10K, 5K), and I’m realizing now that was sort of a dumb goal.  It takes a lot of training physically, mentally, and emotionally to PR, and honestly I’m tapped out.

The one I really wanted was the 1/2, and I did that so I’m officially letting go of the 10K and 5K.  On top of the fact I’m in no way ready to try and PR the 10K I have in 2 weeks.  Just not going to happen…Plus, I’m sort of over the numbers game that running can turn into.  

I’m already working on setting up next years races to = max fun, and think I may take a year off from having a big running goal for the year.  Don’t get me wrong…it’s important to have goals because it keeps you moving forward.  But, setting a goal for an entire year doesn’t leave much room for illness, injury, or life in general, and when you only have one big goal the whole year is a pass or fail in one swoop.    

Maybe next year is the year I focus on being a more well rounded runner by bringing trail running back (Dad that means you and I finding a race to do!), volunteering more (it’s stressing me out how little I’ve given back to running this year), getting back to my regularly scheduled runs with friends, setting goals for each training cycle/race (if I decide to set any at all for each race) and just running to run because I love it and it’s fun.

All this running talk = it’s time for my morning run!  Before I go though a few Sky pics…

No big deal, just climbing on top of the trailer while no one is looking.  

Most mornings start with “You want to cuddle me on the couch Mommy” 

This book is going everywhere with us lately.  She won’t leave the house without it. 

 Today is the last day of the challenge and I’m starting right over with day 1 and doing it again…I love my Mind Body Mat time with her that much! 

Silly girls!

Big step…meeting her teacher and exploring her classroom…she loved it!

She was up there talking about going to school and meeting her teacher, and in the process also started waving to everyone we know and calling people out by name.  “Hi Daddy, I go to school”, “Hi GammyGampy, I go to school” (she runs their names together for some reason), and on and on and on through all her family and friends.  She ended with, “I go see Reagan now”…(we didn’t go see her btw).


How do you set your running goals?

Anyone racing over the long Holiday weekend?

What are you last weekend of summer plans?


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