Lacking Run Motivation

Oh my goodness I’m so not feeling the motivation to run.  I want to run, but when it comes down to the actual steps of putting on the gear and getting out the door it just doesn’t happen.  I need to change that though…ASAP…I have a 10K in two weeks.  YIKES!!!!

My back is feeling so much better and I want to run, now I just have to get to it and do it!

I have been thinking about running though, and am lining up my schedule for next year.  I’m so excited I got into the one Half I really want to do next year!  

This is one of the races on my race bucket list, and I’m so excited that it’s going to happen next year! Michelle got in as well, so her and I will be taking a girls weekend to visit Mark’s sister/stay with her, and run in a truly beautiful setting.  I can’t wait…hello my favorite distance and my favorite beverage!!!

Part of my problem is summer is winding down and we are so busy right now.  It’s been really easy to back burner running in favor of other things.  Like enjoying sun tea and playing with Sky.

This may be my favorite time of summer because is sunny and warm, but not too hot, and everyone is getting ready to go back to school/last minute vacations so the playgrounds are empty!  

And…I’m spending lot’s of time enjoying the pleasant summer evenings on the deck with wine and some of my favorite magazines!

But, this week is the week to get back out there and log some miles in my favorite shoes!  And, since we are getting ready to head out on our own end of summer vaca I want to get a few runs in before traveling, and set myself up to enjoy running in Whistler!!!  Nothing like cramming in some last minute training runs before race day.  Not the best plan, but it’s going to have to do this time around.


Who else has end of summer travel plans?  Where you going?

End of summer races?  

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