Thankful Thursday

Things I’m Thankful For:

-That you all put up with my random posting breaks.  It’s been crazy busy and honestly I don’t have much to say, odd I know.  🙂  I’m noticing that a running slump = blogging slump.  So ready to be back to running regularly…the back is feeling better and better, so I’ll be out there soon!

-For time spent with family.  Mark’s sister and her boys are visiting from Cali and we got some time with them the first night they were in town…it was really nice!

-And then we all headed up to Amy’s farm (Mark’s other sister) to play with all the animals and enjoy some country air!

 Aunt Kim and Amy helping Sky out on the horse.
 Loved being around the horses!
 “Piggy banks”!
Punch it out!

-That Sky is so excited for pre-school, and got to meet her teacher and play with classmates at the park!  “I make new friends mommy”!
-Sky’s determination and ability to stick with something, and try over and over, until she gets it! 
This climbing wall at the park is pretty long, and the transition from one wall to the other (picture below) was a little tricky singe the angles are different.  Sky would fall off every time, and instead of getting back on the wall right there she would go all the way back to the beginning.  She just kept saying “I do it mommy, I do it”…and you know what she did it!    
-Margarita’s…I just really like them! 
-My new Steelers Jamberry Wraps…I just really like them as well!
-That Sky makes me laugh over and over and over! 
 She was being so serious talking to me in the car and the upside down glasses were making it so hard not to laugh.  (We were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic…I was safe while taking this pic).

But those safety goggles!

Really thankful for anything that brings a smile to my face…little moments of unexpected joy throughout the day are the best!  
I don’t know when I became elegant, but it made my day! 

I’m excited I was able to actually get a picture of this amazing car!  Would love to know the story behind it! 
Things like this are just fun!
-Sky is such an awesome pilates/yoga partner.  I look forward to the quick little 10 min workouts I’m doing through MindBodyMat.  It’s 10 minutes of Sky and I working out together, and the look of joy on her face that she gets when she’s doing what I am is just priceless.  
Yoga practice called Up The Wall…it was pretty great!  

For perspective specifically relating to running, running goals, what’s important to me in my running life.  I’ll post about all that soon(ish).  
What are you thankful for?

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