Stroller Group Run…Feels So Good To Be Back!

Sure it may have been a slower, easy run, but man did it feel good to get back out there with the stroller group today!

3 easy miles, well as easy as pushing a 3 yr old in a stroller can be, in the warm rain, with a Stroller Mom I adore was just what I needed!

While I’m still dealing with some upper back issues, there was no pain while running, and I actually had a better adjustment today with the Chiro.  The back is still pretty stuck and not wanting to move, but it was better.  It’s a work in progress I guess. (P.S. Dad – he asked when you will work on me again…he says he needs you to work on me! 🙂  He also says that you have educated me very well and helped me develop the ability to breath through the pain of the treatment to get to the fix.)

I’ll run again this weekend sometime, life is crazy busy the next 4 days, so it will take some juggling to get away for a quick run, but I’m excited to get 4 or 5 easy, flat miles in, and see how it goes.  Honestly it’s just nice to be running without a pace/PR goal hanging over my head.  I’m so proud of what I did, but that was a lot of pressure I put on myself and was obviously physically taxing on my body.

Running for fun and just because I really want to is what I need right now!

When not running I’m really trying to enjoy the last few weeks of summer/early fall/life before pre-school schedule starts.  Sky and I are soaking up all the sun, enjoying the last few days of rain we have had, and are doing lot’s of pilates and dance partying.

 She’s wasn’t being sassy at all in this pic.  😉

 Climbing on absolutely everything!


 She loves doing my pilates workouts with me! 

I loved the mind part of the workout for today.  We got to make a liberating list of things we don’t do, and just let it go.  Don’t feel bad about it, don’t feel the need to change it or work on it…just let those things go. Focus on making room for the things that make us happy and bring fulfillment.  No comparing to others…no guilt.

I love it!  If you are wondering what the #mindbodymat 28 day challenge is check it out over at The Balanced Life !


Fill in the blank: I don’t_____________________

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