Finally Feel Ready To Run!!!

While the last week or so, since the race, have not been fun with all the back pain, the one really great thing to come out of it is forced rest.

I’m not great at giving my body the down time it needs, especially when I have back to back races.  I must have really needed the break though because I had my first DNS (Did Not Start) this past weekend, and I didn’t even care.

Thank’s to my new chiropractor though I’m feeling so much better.  Still have some things to work out, but I finally feel like I want to run, even if only for a mile.  Still forcing myself to wait until the Stroller Group on Wednesday though…just want to give myself as much time as possible, so that when I do start up again I’m don’t reactivate anything.

Sky must be ready to run as well because she keeps asking, “Mommy we go run, run”.  I love her little runner heart!

In the meantime I’m enjoying lots of time with the family, hanging out with friends, plotting and planning races for next year, having a potty trained tot, and hitting up a lot of awesome garage sales over the weekend.

Steilacoom, the little town next to us, has a city wide garage sale day every year, and every year we end up finding exactly what we need/want!  First year it was a new vacuum, last year it was high quality pots and pans, and this year there was only one thing I wanted, an electric griddle, and we found one!

I cam home that night and used it to get the tortillas ready for dinner, and used it again the next day for lunch. I can tell I’m going to get my moneys worth out of it, especially since it was a great price and brand new!

Sky scored big time as well…

It worked out perfectly because the first sale we stopped at she found the wings and tutu, so after that she thought every single house was going to have more of the same.  She was all about walking to the next one and pawing through stuff looking for more tutu’s and princes dresses, which she found!

Hours of garage sales in the sun, play time at the park, and 2 tutu’s, 1 set of wings, two princess dresses, 1 pair of jeans, and 1 summer dress later she was worn out!  But, not too tired to maintain a death grip on her treasures!


How do you stay active when taking a break from running? 

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