Thankful Thursday

Things I’m Thankful For Today:

-A new to me Chiro that worked me into his busy schedule yesterday as a new patient.  Short story is my psoas was so fired up from the race (where it attaches at the top by the ribs) that it felt like my ribs were crushing my lungs.  I couldn’t breath, couldn’t lay on my stomach or back, it was making my stomach hurt, and basically every move made me gasp.  I thought my back was out…but turns out it wasn’t my back at all…”just” the psoas.  Started on Monday, and finally this morning started feeling better.  I go back tomorrow for more care, but man does it feel good to be able to breath again.

-A full night of sleep last night!

-For Tylenol with codeine and muscle relaxers in it…thank you Canada!


-That Ice Cream at 7:55 am works as incentive to go potty!

She is going to hate me someday.  :/

-That potty training is going so well.  Princess dresses, ice cream, $1 Store presents, and playing on the Nabi while waiting for things to happen have all made it happen!  

-A look at her serious side.  She posses, asks for a pic and then gives me the most serious of serious looks she can manage.

-For catching this moment of self admiration.  She stood there for a long time looking at herself, smiling, and saying “I’m so beautiful”.  I wish adults were able to do the same for themselves.  

-Race bling…it makes me happy, especially this one!

-Silly picture time with my favorite munchkin in the whole world!  She makes my heart happy even when my back (or rather my psoas) is killing me!  
-For Movie time.  Even though I feel a million times better today I’m still sore, and really tired from several nights of little to no sleep.  3:30 pm and I need a break!  
What are you thankful for today?

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