Sky Pics and Recovery

It’s not all running all the time around here.  Actually for a runner that blogs, there is way more family life going on than running!  I actually probably more of a blogger that runs than the other way around.  

Anyway once the weekend race was over it was time to shift focus on the last hurdle to Sky starting pre-school…

I felt kind of the same way.  Getting up and down off the bathroom floor the day after a PR race…not fun!

She’s doing really well,  Very few accident and lots of time spent in the bathroom, thinking about the bathroom, and reminding her to go to the bathroom.  Some hits, some misses, but at least I’m confident she will start pre-school potty trained!

We have taken some time out for fun as well!

Movie time with Grandpa.  

 Playing and posing outside.
I don’t know what her deal was in these photos.  She posed, asked me to take her picture, and then refused to smile, not even a hint of a smile.  It’s ok though…I kind of love seeing this side of her.  
The timing has been perfect actually.  My legs are still pretty shot from race day, so sticking close to home and spending lot’s of time sitting on the bathroom floor to keep her company is working out well for me!  
Tomorrow we venture out into the real world for the Stroller Group Track Day…keep your fingers crossed there are no accidents!  

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