TGIF = Packet Pick Up Day!

I totally have race day on the brain.  I couldn’t sleep last night at all.  All sorts of dreams/thoughts about my alarm not going off, getting lost on the way to the start line, having a totally horrible race,  wearing my white running skirt and potential disaster, being to hot, waking up race morning and it being frozen all of a sudden.

Honestly I’m not worried or nervous…I’m just really excited!  Excited to be running this one period, and excited about the pace I was able to achieve on my 12 mile training run even with the lack of training, I’m really ready to get out there tomorrow and see what I can do!  It’s kind of silly really…it’s not like this is my first race.  

In the meantime I’m still working on getting life back to normal!  It’s busy work let me tell you!  Everything from getting back on track with my Jamberry business (I was bummed I only had one party going into July, but turns out that was a good thing given how much we ended up being gone!) to a marathon grocery shopping trip with Sky yesterday (she was such a good girl, had a smile the whole time!) and (boy does it feel good to have the freezer and pantry stuffed full of yummy goodness again!), to getting the laundry done, phone calls made, appointments scheduled.

It’s been busy, but life feels organized once again and that makes me happy!

A few pics from the week…even though it’s been a busy one we still find time for fun!

Totally girly and totally fun…had to include nails in my race day prep!  Runner Girls ready to run! 

Wednesday afternoons Sky visits the parents for a few hours allowing me to run errands, or just chill with a book.  It was ring inspection day and the store needed to keep my ring for a while to work on it.  So, I hit up Jamba Juice to try out the carrot, ginger, cayenne blend and I loved it!  Try it…just don’t drink the last little bit at the bottom too fast…all the cayenne ended up in that one sip.  WOW is all I have to say about that.

Elya and I took an evening walk around the Chambers Bay loop Tuesday night, and it was felt so good to be back at it with her!  We have seen each other and hung out since the ankle break, but have not done intentional work out type of activity since the end of March!  She is working hard to get her ankle back to fully functional and I’m glad I get to be part of the process!  (Cruddy pic of us, (sunset behind us with my cell phone = not great) but had to take it since it’s our first time “working out” in a very long time)!

We walked Sky down to the school playground near our house and do you think she played on the playground at all?  NO!  All she wanted to do was hike in the tall grass, and run the stairs!  She went up and down the stairs, and did some hill repeats, the whole time we were there.  She was a sweaty hot mess after about an hour of that.  “I just run, run”.  Makes my runner heart, and my Mommy heart happy!

She put then in time out…I have no idea why, but she was pretty ticked at them! 

Always asking if she can take pics with my phone. 
 Grilling as much as possible since it’s so nice out!

P.S. Special Shout Outs to a few friends running Tacoma Narrows Half tomorrow as well: El – my friend and stylist who is running for a huge PR!  You will kill it, I just know it!  Kelli – who I met through Fleet Feet is running her very first Half tomorrow!  Have fun with it!  And shout outs to my Dad and Elya who will be stationed along the route cheering runners on…it means more than you know!  They will both be at the top of the last of the first few hills that are the worst for me…my mantra for those hills “Get to Dad and Elya, just get to them”.  After that it’s RACE ON! 

Who else still gets race day jitters before the race?  How do you stop the tossing and turning?

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