Thankful Thursday

Today I’m Thankful For:

-Cooler Temps and a bit of rain…my plants love it!  I hope that the side of the state that is on fire got some rain as well.

-That the sun is back for the weekend.  Just in time for our camping trip at the beach!

-Time to enjoy a few of my favorite things…

Especially loving the new summer pj pants from Target.  On sale right now!!

That I have a hair cut tonight!  Even with my hair being as short as it is (shoulder length bob) it’s still so thick that it’s taking 20 to 30 minutes to dry with a blow dryer!  YIKES!  That is too much time spent drying hair! Two changes that need to happen…I need bangs and I think some layers will help.  I’m showing this pic to El as our inspiration for tonight’s cut…
Found this on Pinterest.

I just need to make sure I can pull off a sleek, put together look as well as the messy version above.  I don’t always want it to look messy.  
-Thankful that things are calm enough in life right now that my hair style is the biggest thing I’m thinking about today.  (Ok, I’d be lying if I didn’t include potty training as well…its getting the better of me for sure).  
-Daddy/Daughter heart to hearts.  Sky has had a few really rough days.  Just cranky, upset, very clingy and needy, crying at the drop of a hat…it’s totally not like her at all.  By the end of each day I’m pretty much done.  Yesterday evening was not great, but then Mark got down on the floor with her and they talked.  I have no idea what about (probably her new Minnie Mouse toy) and she calmed right down.  
-I’m super thankful that even when she’s upset she still just really wants hugs and love.  Hugs make everything better.  
-Thankful and excited that tomorrow is the last “real” run before race day.  8 miles in the morning and then after that just two more 3 milers and then it’s go time!  I’m ready, and excited, and can’t wait to run.  I’m really looking forward to pushing as hard as I can for 13.1.  I want to cross that finish line and feel like I don’t have another step left in me.  
-For inspiration!  I’m loving adidas “all in” campaign!  I’m all in for running, all in for 13.1, all in for pushing hard and accomplishing my goal!  I keep reminding myself during my runs that I’m all in…it helps keep me going!   
What are you thankful for today? 

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