I’m Back – To Running and From the Long Weekend!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes I’m pretty excited about how today’s 8 miles went!

I even got bonus miles, and had a pretty great pace going at the end of the run!  The knee felt great from the get go.  It twinged a few times during the run during some of the hills, up and down.  But, I always kind of expect that on hills.  To be safe I have spent portions of time through the day foam rolling, trigger pointing, and icing.  I just want to take care of as I start to up the miles as quickly as I can without adding on too quickly.  I have three weeks to get up to 12 miles, and try to have some sort of a taper as well.  I may be going into this one without much of a taper, but it is what it is.

Big Thank You to Amy for running with me!  I was craving some running company and she was awesome at running whatever pace I needed!  I just never think of slacking or cutting a run short when I’m with someone else and she made the time fly by!  Also, thank you to Jodi, who’s bathroom I visited on our way past her house…now that is true friendship!  🙂

I’m so thankful Dad found time between clients to work on my knee over the weekend.  I know I’m not the only one in pain who needs his help, so I’m grateful that it worked out.  It’s really nice to find what the problem is, have him work on it/let me know that I’m doing great focusing on the other things that are normally the problem (those other things, like my TFL, didn’t hurt at all when he worked on them which means I’m doing good on the foam rolling/trigger pointing) and learning what else I need to work on to stay healthy and pain free!  

Now I’m super excited to get 10, or maybe 11, miles in later this week!


I hope everyone had a fun filled, and safe, July 4th Holiday!

Our’s got off to an exciting start when Sky and I were rear-ended on our way to pick Mark up from work to hit the road.  Thankfully we were not hurt, the car has some battle scars, but it’s fine.  There was a bit of drama involved with the other two cars, but the LPD handled it smoothly and got Sky and I on our way.  We went home (didn’t want to risk driving the car 4 hours after an accident until we could have it looked at, which I did yesterday) and switched into the truck for the drive.

We thought we were on our way to a quick, easy drive over (really after starting out the way Sky and I did we deserved it), but not so.  Unfortunately there was a wild fire right on the HWY, so it was closed and there was a pretty lengthy, and slow detour.  Thankfully it was pretty at least, and a scenic route we have never taken.  Also very thankful that Sky is a pro road tripper and was happy the entire time!  She really is the best!  

And, we got to see the fire helicopters fly over the detour route to get water out of the river that the detour followed.  

We know now (because we saw it on the way back home and the fire was limited to non-residential land next to the HWY) that no homes were lost, and we hope that all the firefighters were safe and sound after.  I have to say that fires/smoke make for some amazing sunsets!

Not bad for a pic of the truck/sunset in the side mirror! 

There are a ton of really great pics from the weekend, on Mark’s camera.  So, as soon as I have the ok to use them I will share some here.  In the meantime since he had his camera I didn’t take many pics with my phone, actually only two.

Amazing steak, street tacos that Uncle Paul made, and a zaiquiri (like a daiquiri only not).  Perfect for a warm E WA day!

There was plenty of time spent with family, having fun, playing yard games, playing with the chickens, tractor riding, slip n sliding, drinking and eating, and fireworks!  I’ll share pics when I can.

In the meantime it’s time to get my run on and get ready for the start line!

What was the best thing you ate or drank over the weekend?



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