Thankful Thursday!

Things I’m thankful for today:

-It’s a holiday weekend, and we get to spend it with people we love!  And, I’m leaving the computer at home, and while I could post from my phone, it’s tedious, so this is the last post for the weekend.  Going to spend the time enjoying the sun and the people I’m with!  

-That even though it was hot, and I detest running in the heat, my knee finally felt good enough to run with the group Tuesday night!  And, we saw a dear, running through the North End like no big deal.  Only it was a big deal because it almost scared the crap out of me, thankfully it didn’t though because I had my white running skirt on!  🙂

-That Sky loves to “read” to herself.  She may not actually know how to read, but she knows exactly whats happening on every page and recites the book from memory.  She’s a typical kid and wants more movie time than we give her, and wants to run around like a wild child, but she also really wants her books, and to be read to…for hours!

-For window air conditioning units!  It doesn’t make a ton of sense to fork out the $$ for AC in the PNW, but when it gets super hot it’s nice to have some sort of AC option.

View of the TV from the deck.

-That I have the ability to sit outside in the sun, while Sky’s playing and still watch the soccer match.  So sad the US lost, but I’m so thankful this is how I got to watch it go down.  (Let’s just say this was one of those days that cause some to judge SAHM and assume we sit around lounging and eating bon bon’s all day).  I don’t do this every day, but am thankful it’s an option now and then.  

-The stroller group had their first track day yesterday.  It was an attempt to allow parents with older kiddo’s, who are out of school and therefor making it difficult to impossible to attend stroller group, to join us, and to let the kiddos be active as well.  It was fun, and Sky “ran” about 3 laps with me. There was some bubble chasing and soccer ball kicking mixed in as well.  Can’t wait for the next one!

-For tons of training opportunities and support in my Jamberry business.  I’m having so much fun, and learning so much (and was top seller in my direct team, and second highest in the bigger team!) the effort is paying off!  Mostly it just feels good to know I can cover things like my next hair cut, and not have it hit the family budget!  Plus, it’s really good for me to have a schedule, even if it’s a flexible one.  I need timelines/deadlines looming over me to get things done!  From house cleaning to training runs, I work best with the pressure of a to do list/timeline!

-I always assumed the tennis ball pocket on Lulu skirts were pointless for runners.  But, Amy told me otherwise, and now I know that GU will indeed stay in an upside down pocket very nicely during a run.  I always thought things would just slide right out of those pockets, but not so.  Thank you Amy!

-That I finally get some help/relief for my knee!  So thankful that Dad worked me into his busy schedule and we can figure out what’s going on with this darn knee pain!

Lastly I want to say Happy 4th Of July to everyone!

I hope the weekend is full of fun, friends, family, sun, food, and good drinks!  Cute nails are nice too!  🙂


What are you thankful for today?

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