100 Happy Days – Done

Do you remember way back to March 24th when I started the 100 Happy Days Project?  You can read about it in this Happy Monday post.  Well my 100 days ended yesterday and I’m a little sad about it actually.

My last 100 Happy Days pic…I love observing their moments together.  

I missed one day because we were camping and I had no cell service or wifi, but I made up for it by posting two the next day.  I was a little worried I would end up being one of the over 70% of people that don’t finish the project, because you know life happens and we get busy.  But, too busy to be happy?!  Not me!  
What I loved most about this project was that in the middle of a crappy day, or being sick or whatever, I would all of a sudden be reaching for my phone to snap a pic of something that made me happy and made me smile.  I found myself thinking about being happy without having to think about it, if that makes any sense at all.  
I heard a few comments here and there about how easy it must be to be happy when I don’t work (don’t even get me started) or it must be nice to be so dang happy all the time (like it’s a bad thing?!).  
To those people I would say no life isn’t always full of rainbows and sunshine.  Life is hard sometimes.  And, believe me I have had my share of hard times/situations to deal with. Everybody has, it’s something we all have in common…bad days, weeks, months, years, situations, experiences.  
It all comes down to perspective I guess.  I am 100% willing to take responsibility for my happiness.  It means I’m proactive in dealing with issues/problems, and that I don’t blame others.  It’s on me how I let things/people/situation make me feel.  I deal with things that need dealt with, figure out what is mine to “fix” and what is mine to let go of, and then I move on.  
I also feel pretty strongly that there is already enough complaining, bad news, and negativity put out into the universe via blog, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook posts, and I try really hard to not be part of that (man FB riles me up sometimes though…working on it)!  I like to keep the negative/stressful/sad/upsetting things off of social media.  Maybe that makes my life appear to be over the top happy and fun all the time, but I guess I’d rather have people complain about how happy I appear to be then about how negative I am.   
Bottom line is there is so much good in life to embrace.  So many rich and meaningful experiences and relationships to be part of.  From seemingly small everyday little things, to big amazing fun events/experiences I want to be thankful for all of them, enjoy and embrace all of them, and Be Happy every day!  
Some random pics from the last few days…
Amy joined us for our play date yesterday (walk to Starbucks, Trader Joe’s, and the fruit stand)…she got a second run in for the day with Sky and Reagan!
Pretty much how she goes to bed every single night.  Happy, and willing, and for that I’m thankful!

 Must have for Taco Night! 

 She really wanted to go with Daddy on his last trip…thankfully he came home after only one night away…she was missing him so much!

Hanging out with cousin Emily, on a blanket in the shade.

What makes you happy?

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