It’s NOT an Injury…It Is Not an Injury

I’m so irritated right now.   

I had a most awesome run last night…a sub 9 pace (very fast for me) and I felt great doing it.  Nothing hurt or bothered me.  It felt hard, but any pace that starts with an 8 should feel hard, but nothing hurt at all.  
So, I was not happy to spend my day like this today.  
About two hours after the run last night my knee started hurting…I couldn’t bend it, and it was swollen.  It didn’t feel any better today.  I figured stroller running was a bad idea, so spent the day in magic compression pants, icing, taking ibuprofen and resting as much as possible.  
It feels slightly better tonight, and I’m optimistic it’s not a “real” injury, just some strange tweak that I can work out on my own.  Fingers crossed.  
The upside is I had a legit excuse to watch soccer all day!  
Hopeful that I only miss a run or two and still have 6 weeks of training to get ready for Tacoma Narrows Half! 

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