Running, Life, Weekend Catch Up – 3 Posts In One

I  hope everyone had a lovely Fathers Day weekend!  Things have been busy around here, which is why there hasn’t been a new post in a few days.

It seems no matter how early I get up, to have some blog time before Sky’s awake, it’s never early enough. She is making a habit of getting up about 5 to 10 minutes after I do, even if it’s 5:00 am!!  I just don’t set alarms that start with a number lower than 5.  Mickey Mouse Club House is helping me out this morning though.  

Plus, it’s World Cup, so I find myself watching soccer all the time!  I’m trying to be responsible and get stuff done between matches, but let’s be real…the house and everything else is sliding a bit.  Oh well, this could be the last World Cup I’m a SAHM, and therefor able to sit and watch, so I’m making the most of it!


Anyway, we had a very nice weekend and an easy, laid back Fathers Day!

Saturday started with a visit to Tacoma’s Relay For Life event to help celebrate 30 years of Relay!  It’s been 5 years since I’ve been back at the Tacoma event, and you know it was really nice.  I got to re-connect with some people I have really missed, and that was nice.  It was also nice to be recognized, with the other past chairs, for the part we have played in Tacoma Relay history.

Chairing the Tacoma event was one of the hardest yet most rewarding things I have ever done…I’ll admit I’m pretty proud of my involvement, and time spent on the leadership team!  I have to say though, it was fun to just be at the event, visiting with friends, and have zero responsibility!

   Those glasses!

Sky had a blast running around, dancing, and playing in the jump house for a few hours.  Great way to burn energy!  
Sunday was totally laid back.  Mark wanted to go to REI and get flip flops for Fathers Day (love how easy he is!), so we did that, grabbed lunch, and headed home to watch soccer, rest, and get a training run in.
PSA – Don’t eat a 6 inch Subway Sandwich and then go run 6 miles (I actually only did 5.51 because that was what it was when I circled back to the car, and didn’t really feel like trying to come up with .5 more given the subway in my tummy situation).  
While you can run with a tummy full of Subway Sandwich I just don’t recommend it.  I mean I got my run done…it was 18 seconds faster and 1.5 miles longer than last weeks run…everything (except for my tummy) felt really good and strong…so it can be done, but it’s probably not going to feel super awesome.  It’s good training to run through discomfort though…I guess.  
I actually felt really good mentally after the run.  Training is headed in the right direction…adding miles and dropping the pace.  You would think that headed into my 6th 1/2 training cycle I would be calm, confident and trust the training process.  Yet, I always freak out a little bit the first few weeks, because it feels hard. I’m usually start over to some degree since I scale the running back a lot after race day, and don’t pick it up again until training starts.  I’m finally feeling like I’m getting my race day legs back, so I’m feeling a lot more confident with the training!  
Yesterday was play date day with Reagan.  Here’s a tip…put parchment paper down on your table/counters when playing with play dough, so it’s a quick easy clean up when done.  
Then it was time to come home and cheer on Team USA!  Let’s just say I’m way more into soccer than Sky is.  
Thankfully she can watch movies/play games on her Nabi while I watch soccer, and we can still cuddle…which is all she want’s to do lately.  Except for when I’m jumping and screaming for Team USA…it was an exciting match…Sky didn’t think all the noise was needed though.  
Tell Me: 
How much does your weekly mileage drop between races?  

How frequently do you have races on your schedule?

Worst pre-run/race meal ever?


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