Friday Fun!

Really I just have a bunch of fun’ish pictures to share from the week.  Today is being spent watching soccer, which is fun, but not really blog worthy fun. 

I did start my day with a most awesome run!  This training cycle I have felt off.  Things, not even sure which things, just haven’t felt like they should.  I was starting to think that maybe this time around was going to be a complete disaster and I could kiss my PR attempt goodbye (a bit dramatic given I’m only 3 weeks in I know).

But, today was different.  I felt good.  The pace felt good and I felt like I could have kept going for as long as I wanted to.  Granted it was only a 4 mile run, but this weeks average pace was 20 seconds faster than last weeks 4 miles.  And, nothing hurt, nothing irritated me, and my mind felt like it was in the game!

  Goal pace race day is 9 even.  I’m getting there! 
Looking forward to Sunday’s long run now for sure!  
Ok, on to some random, fun pics from the week!  

Looks like we may need to look into T-Ball for her!  She was really hitting it hard.  And, in cowgirl boots even! 

We had a very important book to pick up for her at the book store (Her very own copy of Princess Of The Potty) and we ran a Father’s Day errand as well.  Her reward was a triple chocolate chip cookie bigger than her head!  

Giggles and snuggles…this is how she starts almost every day.  She wants cuddles and she is almost over the top happy every morning when she wakes up.  Love it! 

Really yummy summer beer!  It’s going to be even better camping next weekend!  

Her absolute favorite thing to do in the whole world…swing on her swing.  It makes her feel like she’s flying.  🙂  
I hope everyone has a lovely weekend planned and Happy Father’s Day to all the Father’s out there! 

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