Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for:

-An unexpected play date with friends!

-That even though there is a weather change hanging over our heads it’s still nice and sunny today.

-World Cup Soccer…and I get to watch it!

-Sky took a nap today!!!!  I got/am getting so much done! 

-That my legs feel so much better today.  The stroller run yesterday was tough…like I was a brand new runner running for the first time tough.  But, I got it done!

-For perspective…You dedicated trail runners out there are no joke!  I started out a trail runner, but only did 5K’s, by the time I moved up to longer distances I was/am a full on road runner.  I have nothing against trail running, I really miss it actually (need more balance in my running life!), but because I was running 5K’s and that is now a pretty easy distance for me I never had a full appreciation for how hard trail running is.  The entire time I was running the 10K I was thinking about my sis and her family and a few trail running bloggers I follow.  You guys do crazy dust, crazy hill climbs, crazy hard runs/races all the time and have a whole new appreciation for how hard you guys work!

-Super thankful for this pic and this experience at the race Sunday! 

After running out to meet me Sky ran me into, and across the finish!
Any other soccer fans out there?

What are you thankful for?

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