Thankful Thursday

So busy, but that in turn provides extra things to be thankful for! 

Today I’m thankful for:

-Only 2 more sleeps until we are camping! 

-Only 3 more sleeps until my first trial run in a very long time! 

-That after a disappointing training run over the weekend I had a better one tonight.  It was slower (gotta save these almost 40 year old legs for race day Sunday!) but, nothing hurt!!!  I was starting to stress about all the pains I was having, but tonight, everything felt great! 

-Diligent stretching, foam rolling, trigger pointing, roller ball stick device is all paying off and = no pain while running!

-I get to enjoy this as my office!!! 

Made enough $$ to order my official business cards!  They are so pretty!

-Having an awesome watch dog in Bishop.  As soon as Sky rounds the corner and is out of my line of sight he visibly perks up and is way more alert and watchers her until he knows I can see her again.

-Bribery!  4 hours of grocery shopping/running errands and all it takes is a cake pop to keep it fit free with a 3 year old!

-Having the right gear to handle what is going to be a hotter than I would like run Sunday.  I have nothing to prove so will take it slow and be smart out on the trails.  —  P.S. I am running on the shade free side of the state, so well wishes would be great!  Because, this is what happened last time I ran in the heat: See Jane Run Seattle

-Sky’s love of books…

…”I just need to read”.  It’s one of my books, but she doesn’t care, she recites lines from her Tinker Bell movies as she’s turning the pages “reading to mommy”. 

-Dunking in princess shoes………

…it’s next to impossible to get those shoes off her feet…which makes them a great incentive to do what she’s being asked to do!  I’ve given up on the whole they are not outside shoes.  She loves them so much it’s just not worth the fight.

-Being able to spend another summer home with Sky.  I don’t take a second of it for granted!

What are you thankful for today?

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