National Running Day

It’s National Running Day and Sky and I will be joining the stroller group to show T Town how the stroller ladies and tots get it done! 

Better yet, I missed last nights group run (which I don’t love), so my legs are super fresh to push the stroller today!  Love having fresh legs on stroller day! 

National Running Day seems like a good time to answer the question: I run because_____________.

Why do I run? 
Because I can, because there are those that can’t.  Even on my worst running day there are those that would give almost anything to be able to have a bad run…any kind of run at all.  When I run I think about all those, known and not, that can’t run due to a temporary injury, due to a life changing disease or event, or those who have never been able to take a single step in the first place. 

It puts a new perspective on the phrase “I can’t”.  Very rarely is “I can’t” a true statement when it comes to running, or life for that matter.  Like I tell Sky almost every day…there is a difference between I can’t and I don’t want to.  When I start to feel like I can’t, I remind myself that there those that truly can’t, that I’m running because I want to, because I can, and because I love it.

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 So tell me what is your reason to run?  I run because_____________?

Happy National Running Day!  Now go out there and log some miles!


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